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ASUS Strix Z790-E Help

Level 8

Hi Guys,

I am build a new system and just ordered the Strix z790-E motherboard and had couple of questions, it would help me a lot if you could point me in the right direction


  1. I have a gen 4 m.2 drive, which slot should I install it in? m2._2 so that I don't reduce the PCIE lane speed?
  2. Do I need to register the motherboard on ASUS website in order to get support in the future?
  3. I see that the mobo has 3.2 USB internal headers, I have a O11 XL which has front panel connectors for 3.1, will they work?
  4. Can I change the internal headers from USB 3 to USB 2 in order to support Lian li UniFan controller?
  5. How can I under volt the CPI in the bios?
  6. How can I update the Bios to the most recent and stable version?
  7. I have GSkillz RGB Ram, can I use Asus Aura sync? do I need additional software to be installed in order for Aura to detect the RMA?
  8. Any other things that you think I need to be aware of ?

Level 8

Hello, i will try to answer your questions to the better of my knowledge. Im not an expert so it's just my thought.


1 = yes although going from pice 5.0 16x to 8x wont matter for now, even 4090 is pcie 4.0 (pcie 5.0 8x = pcie 4.0 16x)

2 = Not sure but why not register it?

3 = Yes, MB have 2x 3.2 gen 1 connector so should be fine.

4 = I don't understand what you mean. The Lian li UniFan controller use a usb 2.0 i think... so there is also 2 connector on the MB

5 = Can't help much with that. I used to overclock my CPU in the past, but you should look at guide online etc...

6 = You can use the bios flashback port on the MB. You download latest bios on a usb stick (maybe need to be fat 32, im not sure), use the renamer exe file that will rename the bios. I personnally delete the exe and leave just the bios file and nothing else on the usb stick. Plug the usb stick in the flashback usb port (refer to manual), you push the flash button for 3 seconds, until it flash, then you wait until it stop flashing. Was the 1st thing i did once the build was completed.

When you OS and drivers are installed and everything is up and running, then you can try xmp. But Do the memtest integrated to the bios and let it pass 4 pass (will take long, maybe 4h) if not error, you should be good to go. If error, lower the ram frequency and try again memtest. Don't assume that because you post and boot windows the ram is stable.... test it if using xmp.

7 = I don't know about that, sorry.

8 = I would flash to lates bios, then post into bios and load default. If you have xmp ram, don't enable xmp for now. Do you OS install, then install chipset and all intel driver (ME + ME firware update), then install other drivers (sound, GPU etc). If you insall win 11, don't forget that you wont have LAN working out of the box and win 11 need internet connection during install. Read on it if you need more info.

The bios page tells me to update intel ME first before updating the bios, so how do i do that without installing the OS first?  Also, could you point me on how to get Lan working when installing win 11?

Level 9

Put M2 in slot 3-4 or 5 , dont' use slot 1-2 if no want with a 4090 pcie go 4.0 8x and bottleneck the video card, for pcie work 5.0 mode need all connected parts be pcie 5.0 and neither your gpu or M2 are 5.0 so gpu one will go down to 4.0 8x, it's even written in the manual in a little * note

You can check using GPU-Z the gpu pcie slot speed active