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Asus Strix z690 d4 + rx7900xt VGA LED white pci16x gen4, ok secondary Pciex 4x

Level 7
Hello everyone

I have just acquired an rx7900xt but I have no display (white VGA LED) on an asus strix z690 D4 motherboard coupled to a 13600k. I tried all of them, changing the hdmi cable, turning on the tv before, changing the pciex port, bios reset + bios update current

bios = 2204
intel Me==

test without riser

nothing to do still this vga led on the motherboard but Windows, igp takes over and the rx7900xt is not detected in the first pci 16x port,
on the other hand it runs very well on the second port but only 4x
My rtx 2080ti works very well, a 1660s too

1000w cooler master power supply

thanks in advance