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Asus Strix Gaming Z690-A Gaming D4 - Incredible Coil Whine

Level 7
Anybody in here got an Asus Gaming D4 Z690 Board, if so have you got INSANE coil whine near the CPU?

I opened Steam VR last night and launched Beat Saber, suddenly the coil whine was all out of this world. Loud enough to hear through Indexs headphones without the music on. Thought it was the pump of my EK360, as it was that general area, but it wasn't as I switched the header it was on.
Tested with P95 and had minimal whine although fans being ramped hindered the ability to hear it.

Tested in a few games at 1080p and 4k, and no whine while Vsync was on. As soon as I unlocked FPS the whine came back with a vengeance. It's not my GPU, it's definitely from the board around the CPU area. Never experienced in my years of building, any whine that strong.

Just wondering if any other users have the same issue. I've just gone over my 30 days return period, so it'll have to be an RMA at this point, does ASUS honour RMA for coil whine? I saw a post on reddit with someone else having the same noise roughly.


LIAN li 011 Dynamic XL
32GB 3600 CL16 Trident Z
Asus STRIX Z690-A Gaming D4
4x WD SN850 1TB
2x 16TB WD Platters
Seasonic Snow Silent 1050w PSU

I've also noticed my front USB 3 on my case can give a static through my Void Pro adapter. If I use rear USB it's fine. Tested the case on another board and it's not the front panel connector itself. Wondering if this is because of the whine, and It's affecting my Peripherals. As they also don't charge my headset properly.

Level 7

Here's a reddit thread with the same whine. It's incredibly loud. I'm heavily regretting this purchase right now. And I'm over the 30 days return period so I can't get a refund.

Level 11
I have noticed RGB lighting on I can hear much more noise/whine verse disabled/off on most MB. Not saying it is the lighting just something I have noticed.

Level 9
I was actually able to remove mine by enabling CPU C-States and then disabling Enhanced C-states in the bios.
I had this buzzing noise coming from the motherboard, and it removed it completely.