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Asus ROG Z690 Formula quick charge power head

Level 7
What 6 pin cable am I to use on the extra power head? I have a 3080ti GPU so I do not have a spare PCI-E port on my Corsai RM1000X PSU. Can I convert a cable to use one of the CPU ports on the PSU? Or is ther an adapter I can use? If yes, what are the voltages for that power header?

Level 8
Use the 6 pin PCIe cables (or 6 pin plus 2 pin pig tail) to go from one of the eight pin PCIe / CPU ports on the PSU. The 8 pin ports on the PSU handle both 8 pin cpu cables and 6 pin PCIe cables. If you can, use a 6pin cable that has the 2 pin pigtail on the MB or 3080 ti side. With the pigtail, the cable will be rated for 150 Watts. With only 6 pins, it's 75 Watts

Don't use the CPU cables. It's not worth the chance of frying a $2k piece of equipment. Pin outs are likely different as is the connector.
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The Quick Charge header requires a PCIE 6 pin. If you're not using the USB C header port, there's no need to install the cable. Or equally if you do not plan to plug in devices that will draw 60W
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