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Level 7

Hello everyone, I bought a motherboard and wanted to install Kingstone 32gb DDR 5 6400Mhz (KF564C32RSAK2) 2 kits 4x16gb in it. But there was a problem that it works only with one set installed in A2 / B2 - in the case of installing all 4 modules, the RAM is pouring errors and a blue screen. Separately from each other, the sets are fully functional. Has anyone encountered such a problem? RAM starts in XMP mode 6400Mhz. BIOS latest March 2023 CPU 13900KF 


Level 7

Having the same problem with Corsair Vengeance RGB 2*2*32Gb 6000Mhz

Level 14

There are no Kingston 6400 kits or Corsair 6000 kits validated for a 4 DIMM config on the Strix Z790-F Gaming WiFi Memory QVL.  The "socket support" column indicates how many DIMMs are validated for each part number.  "1,2" is 1 or 2 DIMM configs; and "1,2,4" is 1, 2, or 4 DIMM configs.

Additionally, you can't just combine multiple 2 DIMM kits and expect them to work at their XMP/EXPO overclocked speed.  The kits are validated by the memory vendors in the size of the kit.

4 DIMM configs of DDR5 are generally problematic, but especially difficult to run at higher speeds.  Larger capacity DIMMs are also harder to overclock.  The fastest 4 DIMM configs for 13th gen K/KF-series CPUs on the Z790-F QVL are currently 4x16 @ 6000 (there is a single part number listed at 6200, but that's pretty much an outlier), or 4x32/4x48 @ 5200.

You may be able to get your existing DIMMs to run in a 4 DIMM config by reducing the overclock below the XMP profile speed, with either the same timings in the XMP profile or slightly looser timings.  With both DDR4 and DDR5, you can have ultra-fast 2 DIMM lower capacity configs, or more moderate speed higher capacity configs; you can't have both ultra-speed and maximum capacity at the same time.