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Asus ROG Strix Z790-E new BIOS released 0813

Level 7
Asus has just released a new BIOS for the StrixZ790-E motherboard, version 0813:

"1. Improve DRAM compatibility
2. Improve system stability


Shadowdane wrote:
Maybe I'll need to try going to 813 again.. I didn't notice anything about the Maximus Tweak setting in the BIOS when I tried 813 a few days ago. It's certainly not present in the 703 BIOS. Not to mention what ram preset are you talking about, is this in XMP settings or somewhere else?

I updated to 813 again... Very bad luck with it on the Z790-E. At least my previous ram timings that were stable just instantly crash on this UEFI version. I had to revert to DDR5-4800 speeds just to finish editing this post. OS BSOD on me at least 5 times after installing 813 and enabling XMP with various Memory Management errors.

The Z790-E doesn't have the Maximus Tweak feature or the Ram timings profiles, that's a feature on the Maximus Hero motherboards I believe. As I do remember my old Maximus X Hero board having those options. But it's absent from the Z790-E UEFI can't find those settings anywhere and I looked pretty much everywhere.

I'm not sure if I want to go back to 703 again or just try to figure out ram timings and voltages all over again for the 813 BIOS. And this isn't related to the Intel ME firmware as both BIOS releases need the same ME firmware. They haven't released an additional update for that.

Sorry for the confusion. Asus really should do better with differentiating the naming of their motherboards. I'm using the z790 extreme motherboard not the z790-E.