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Asus rog strix z690 F weird problen

Level 8

I have the following problem, when I turn on my pc the "asus" logo goes crazy for 1 second, this started after installing an asus tuf oc 4090, my pc has no problems playing in 4k ultra, I have good temps, good fps etc, I am with the latest bios on my motherboard, it is not something that worries me.. but I think it is a "little" strange. I leave you a link on reddit so you can see the video.



I bought this cable:

Club 3D CAC-1091  VESA DP80  DisplayPort 2.1 - 3.9 ft / 3.94 certified G-SYNC and HDR 4K 144Hz, 8K60Hz, 10K30Hz, 4K 240Hz M/M

Let's hope it is solved, if not, I will have to wait for a new motherboard bios or GPU BIOS (which I doubt), thanks for the help.


Level 8

Problem solved, apparently the problem was with the LG 27GN950 monitor, I changed it for a Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED 49" and everything returned to normal, I thank all the people who helped me.