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Level 9

Hey guys,

Anyone tried new bios 2305? Any thoughts?

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I want to give an update:
- On 2301 I had the issue that at some point the screen stayed lit but black when rebooting during a Windows reinstallation. But Windows was booting like I could tell from the Boot LED going off, the SSD LED flashing in the typical pattern and the faint welcome sound in my headphones.
- I figured out the screen works normally again if I unplug all my USB devices and cold boot. So I thought back about the kind of matching problem with the black screen I had with 2305. The fact that it stayed at the stage where the boot LED on the board stays on and didn't boot into Windows could be because at the time the BIOS post screen was showing me an error about an unrelated corrupted GPT table on boot which needs to be acknowledged with "F1 to continue".
- So I prepared my 2301 flashback card reader and once again flashed 2305 through the EZ flash tool. Sure enough with 2305 the computer rebooted a few times as it apparently always does after a BIOS update and then got again stuck with the black screen. So I applied my newly found fix to unplug everything including mouse and keyboard (!) but excluding monitor. And sure enough after a cold boot everything started up normally with the display working correctly and I could replug all my USB devices.
- Once up and running I saw a way to downgrade to 2204 (if necessary) and started preparing the unlocked BIOS file for the "ASUS Z690-F GAMING WIFI". I followed the steps from @SneakyLittleman here (and consecutive clarifications). I verified using byte comparison tools that I'd get the same result for the already available "ASUS Maximus Z690 Hero" unlocked roms. And applied the same procedure to the Z690-F 2305 BIOS file. I'm happy to share the result and all the tools for anyone else to follow e.g. to downgrade other models but will not take any responsibility for it and have not yet tested them since my system now seems stable on 2305. And I'll only downgrade if I run into other issues than the screen staying black with some USB devices plugged. I'm not really sure why that happens and can just assume it's related to the BIOS and its firmware version. Don't blame me for anything:

In case it helps anyone this is the list of devices I usually have attached on boot:
- Samsung Odyssey G7 32" 240Hz over DisplayPort 1.4
- Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB USB keyboard
- Corsair M65 Elite USB mouse
- Siberia V2 Illuminated gaming headset with integrated USB soundcard
- SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 USB stick with Ventoy bootable multi-iso setup on
- Sony a7c over USB-C unpowered
- Gigabit Ethernet to Netgear switch

- 2305 is working on my system
- There was an issue where my screen stays black on boot but the system goes on without me seeing anything. This can in principle still happen but I don't see a pattern yet.
- This issue is basically always solved with a cold boot without any USB device attached.
- I provide the tools and unlocked 2305 for Z690-F GAMING WIFI without any warranty, I did not test it but followed instructions carefully and verified as far as I could by doing the same step multiple times and double checking against what happens to the Z690 Hero files.
- I'm staying on 2305 for now.

Level 8

Installed BIOS 2305 in a ProArt Z-690 Creator WiFi board, but before that had Intel ME Firmware v16.1.25.2020 applied.

Computer booted to Windows and I lost my Thunderbolt 4 connections. Thunderbolt dock and a Thunderbolt SSD drive were all gone. Went into the BIOS assured I had the latest v2305 BIOS, latest Intel ME FW (above) and Thunderbolt section was Enabled and on. Booted back into Windows and still didn't work.

What did work was installing Intel Chipset Driver v10.1.19444.8378 by user MoKiChU.

Rebooted. Thunderbolt 4 works now and hoping it remains that way.

Level 8

I dont check it now. Can someone tell me the right steps now. Someone talks about 2401 and someone over 2301. which way is now the right way ? Sry mein English is not the best 




Ryan Blake - IT Leadership Professional
Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero Motherboard - Intel i7-12700KF - Corsair RM1000x - Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MHz (CMK32GX5M2B6400C32) - 3x Samsung 980 Pro SSDs (1x 1TB & 2x 2TB) - eVGA GeForce RTX 3080Ti - Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro x64 & Manjaro Linux (Arch-based)

Hi my friend, I have a question. Is it possible to go back to version 2204 after installing version 2301? Have you tested this?

You have to install the 2305 version without the BIOS Lock and then you will be able to go back to 2204.  Unfortunately all of the 23XX BIOS versions prevent going back to 22XX.

Ryan Blake - IT Leadership Professional
Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero Motherboard - Intel i7-12700KF - Corsair RM1000x - Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MHz (CMK32GX5M2B6400C32) - 3x Samsung 980 Pro SSDs (1x 1TB & 2x 2TB) - eVGA GeForce RTX 3080Ti - Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro x64 & Manjaro Linux (Arch-based)

So bad. I wish I could go back to the 2004 version. I use Z690-F wifi gaming motherboard. You do not know a way to return to 2204 really?

Thank You 

You are really nice 🙂

can i ask how you programming something like that ?  
best men you are my real HERO 😂😅

Level 17

Just an update, I followed the instructions provided by RyanBlakeIT and I'm now back on 2204. It didn't fix my fans/RGB issues (wasn't sure if it would) but thanks so much for the help. I did notice that I could go back to 2301 first using EZFlash. Then, when I tried to install the unlocked 2305 BIOS EZFlash wouldn't work, but FlashBack did. No idea why.

Anyway, your instructions are spot on if anybody else needs to go back from 2305 to 2204. Good job Ryan 😁

Z690 Hero, BIOS 3401, MEI 2345.5.3.0, ME Firmware, 7000X Case, RM1000x PSU, i9 12900K, ASUS TUF OC 3090TI, 2 x 16GB Corsair RAM @ 5200MHz, Windows 11 Pro 23H2, Corsair H150i Elite AIO, 4x Corsair RGB fans, 3x M.2 NVME drives, 2x SATA SSDs, 2x SATA HDs.

Level 9

hello friends. I was very confused. Please help me how to transfer the bias from version 2305 to 2204. My motherboard is Z690-F gaming WIFI. please guide me ! What file is needed and how do I use it?