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Level 9

Hey guys,

Anyone tried new bios 2305? Any thoughts?

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I am having a little instability with XMP profiles on 2305 and Im like you I wish they would have stated in the notes that you couldn't rollback! Oh well were stuck now which sucks!

Level 8

So as I stated in a previous msg I installed 128 gigs ddr5 4x32 modules in the system 690 Maximus Ultimate, it wouldnt run  or it blue screened, so I installed 2305 with 128 and it came up after 5 minutes (I walked away and made a bite to eat thinking it wouldnt work again) so I rebooted and timed the bootup to apprx 5 min, but it ran perfectly otherwise, so today I took out the other 64gigs and it starts up in seconds as usual... anyway just a little something asus or I need to address to make this boot normally with 128.

check the mobo specification, its dont support 4 sticks of ram .. ive got the same issue .. i just turned of xmp to auto


Level 8

Hey again 🙂 well after puttering for a little bit I have it coming up properly, I turn the ddr5 to 3800 and then it comes up in seconds, so I am confident ASUS will fix this in an upcoming bios update.. I hope..

Level 7

Perfect on my ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME motherboard + DDR5 G.Skill Trident Z5 6000 MHz the XMP was unstable on BIOS 2204 and on the 2305 everything works fine thank you!!


Level 7

I updated to this latest BIOS version 2305 on Saturday just gone with some trepidation...

Every BIOS version I have tried since 2004 has been horribly unstable on my system when running XMP1 profiles even after making sure the latest accompanying ME Firmware and MEI drivers where installed first. I would see blue screens and have frequent lock ups etc even after trying to increase memory voltages etc a bit to try and find some stability. I always ended up rolling back to BIOS version 2004. 

I'm really pleased to say since updating to 2305 everything has so far been stable and running fine with XMP1 profile and no tweaks to voltages etc. 


Level 7

Hey Guys anyone try Downgrade from Bios 23059(newest) to ex: 2204 or 2004 ? it says "not proper bios" it is same bios i verify twice..

Yes, I downgraded to 2204 as I did not liked 2305. Z690-A D4

Via BiosFlashback ? for me i can't downgrade Bios for some reason... ? anyone ?

Yes via BIOS flash interface. Maybe try contact ASUS support, maybe they could help you. What motherboard model do you have?