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Level 8

Hey guys,

Anyone tried new bios 2305? Any thoughts?

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Level 9

Tried BIOS 2305. Everything seems okay. No issue so far.

Did notice an increase in the PCH temperature from 49 degree to 54 degree. Suspected ASUS increase the voltage to the PCH for better stability? 

I also noticed a raise in cpu temp... from 35 idle to 42-42 idle 😞

Level 7

Aura Sync is a little buggy. The Uefi no longer saves the Aura Sync setting after shutting down and resets it to standard settings when booting. The settings are only restored under Windows. Now I have to use ArmoryCrate.

Under Bios 2204 it was possible to install ArmoryCrate, adjust your Aura Sync settings and uninstall the filthy software ArmoryCrate again. The settings were also saved after the shutdown.



This was always the way to go if you don't want anything else from Armoury Crate. I myself even don't uninstall Armoury Crate, I set my Colors to my own Customization and after that I just reinstalled Windows without any garbage from Armoury Crate left. The configured colors stayed on Bootscreen, even after a cold Start. It also didn't reset the colors after a few BIOS Updates in the past. So everything was completely fine for me this way. But this BIOS Update also patchs Aura Sync in the BIOS itself, so it might be the reason why the colors also reset this time. Somehow I could also not make the same way around it this time and my Boot up had always the default Rainbow colors instead of my own customized Static Red Color. Unfortunately this strategy doesn't work anymore, but I somehow tried the older unsupported AuraSync only Software, no Armoury Crate installed, and I managed to switch back to my customized Static Colors and they stay even after a cold Boot :). So, I just want to mention, this is the way now!! After setting Up my colors in the older AuraSync Software I reinstalled a fresh Windows without any Asus RGB Software and till now all my customized colors are finally back and don't even switch back again 🙂 It's time to save a copy from the latest AuraSync Software now, because as long as I can avoid AC, I will do it, it's unbearable how your system is infected with any kind of **bleep** if you just click on "Install Armoury Crate". 

Level 8

I found a bug in 2305. On my 12700k I cant set e-core multiplier, only for first core. Other 3 stay Auto even if I set them for specific value.


I can confirm the same thing on my Z690-F w/12900K (8 E-cores). Only one setting sticks. Looks broken.

Level 11

I use the beta 2303 until now. I will update today. I am running per usage on P cores and E cores fix to 40. on 1.35 stable let see if change since no idea what change 2303 to 2305. 

Learn, Play Enjoy!

Level 8

I rolled back to 2204. 2305 makes bsods with same settings in Geekbench 5. Also I foun very small decrease in performance. And a fact that E-cores per core ratio not working as expected - cannot change Auto values on e-cores 2, 3, 4 . I tested couple of times, rewriting back 2204 and again 2305, but for me 2305 is buggy and not stable. Will sit on 2204 as it seems for me best bios so far for my Z690-A D4.

can confirm 2305 is a regression for me too. My ddr5 kit throws errors with all XMP profiles: Corsair CMK64GX5M2B6600C32

With 2204, it's rock-solid with XMP tweaked profile. So they did NOT improve memory stability.

Yo he tenido que volver a ram a 5600 porque mis gskill 6600 parece que hacen bsod, es como si se quedaran con el soporte anteriormente añadido