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Asus ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming DDR4 M.2 Question

Level 7
I'm about to purchase an Intel Core i9 12900KF and a ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WIFI D4
Can I populate all the M.2 slots and run them all at PCIe 4.0 without affecting the PCIEX16(G5) Slot Speed, will it drop it from 16x to 8x as I have a Asus RTX3090 and don't want to starve it.

(The Manual doesn't really explain it clearly)

My drives I have are 1x Samsung 980 Pro 250GB Gen4 (OS), 1x Samsung 980 Pro 500GB Gen4, 2x Samsung 980 Pro 2TB Gen4

Thank You

Level 11
I have the same mob, alot of issues at the moment with it. I have 1 m.2 samsung 850 pro. I think if you put that many drives in, it will drop it to 8x, not sure.
I installed my m.2 right beblow the 1st gpu slot.

Sorry I was not much help, but someone will give you the right answer on here.
ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI II Bios 1002: Intel i7 14900k: CORSAIR DOMINATOR TITANIUM RGB 64GB 6600MHz DDR5: : ASUS ROG STRIX PG38UQ: ROG Strix 4090 OC :2 M.2 990 PRO 2 TB: CORSAIR - AIO CORSAIR LINK H170I LCD : Corsair HX1500I: Corsair 7000D airflow Case: Windows 11 Pro

Level 8
It will run at x 16 even with all the m2 slots filled however be aware that these boards have a real problem seating the m.2 drives properly

SmokeyKilla wrote:
It will run at x 16 even with all the m2 slots filled however be aware that these boards have a real problem seating the m.2 drives properly

Will have to try and remember that if I ever install a 4th m.2, Had lots of fiddling to install 2 of them but only because I didn't want to use the built in heatsinks and that damn Q-Latch doesn't work well with EKWB m.2 heatsinks. They weren't an issue on the Z270 Tuf board with a vertical m.2 port. Had a nice simple push a tapered plastic cylinder into a circular hole. I'm afraid the little thin bit of plastic on these Q-Latches are gonna snap and be useless.

I ended up taking a dremel to the bottom plate of the EKWB heatsink and made it almost a CM shorter. Then had to trim some of the thermal from under the m.2 and the plate so it didn't hang on the motherboard. Next was trimming it between the top and the m.2 drive so the Q-latch does get stuck on it. Dropped mymy m.2 temps located in the twin m.2 section/bottom of the board 5-7 degrees lower. Not an issue how it was but I prefer to replace the thermal pads if I remove a heatsink. The motherboard setup = fiddling to line the up perfectly and 1.25mm isn't a common size for thermal pads so looking at direct from Asus. Lining the top and bottom part of the heatsink up is a little more fiddly as you can't just put the 2 ends opposite the connector on the table and push them together becase 1 is now shorter ;/

Sorry not an option for me. This way if I ever reinstall windows, like when I can be bothered to use win11 over 10 I can unplug all my drives besides the OS m.2 next to CPU with out having to mess around replacing thermal pads.

Got a lian li GPU brace for the new GPU and it replaces the middle and middle bottom screw with standoffs it secures to. I missed the hole in the middle and had to lift the heatsink off the M.2 located by the CPU. Thermal pad already stuck to M.2 and was pulling away. Wasn't keen on that scenario hence the DIY modification.

I know slightly off topic but just incase someone finds it helpful.

Level 7
Hello, I want to ask if it has an impact if I have an I5-13600k, Asus ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming, RTX 3070 TI, Do I need to put an M.2 SSD in slot 2?