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Asus rog strix b760-f gaming wifi

Level 7
Hey guys,

Please share your experience with undervolting of 13th gen CPUs as well as high speed memory stability please.

Also, is it possible to change SA Voltage on this MB ? Can somebody test it. Thx.

EDIT: Nevermind, I tested it myself.
So, as for undervolting, the support is abysmal, most stuff is completely locked, also, on my 13700k it put 1.55V to the CPU.. crazy.
SA Voltage is locked.
7200 MHz RAM is completely unstable at XMP, although the kit is in QVL as well as they advertise 7800+
with the same RAM/CPU combo I am getting completely stable 7200 with tightened timings on MSI Z790 Tomahawk, so it's not CPU or RAM problem but rather mobo, especially SA voltage limitation I'd say.

Level 9


I am experiencing the exact same problem. Undervolt Protection disabled, still cant undervolt Intel extreme tuning utility. There was a bios update for high frequency ram this month. 

It also puts way to much voltage on my i7 13700k. Current microcode is also a bit confusing. changed to 0x104 because i cant cool it even with Alphacool Eisbaer 360mm AIO. Had 95 °c in games but with other microcode 80°C.

I dont know why.

Maybe the future bios will get rid of these problems. It's a nice Mainboard otherwise!


I have also same problem, i change thermal paste many time.. also try change cooler using 240mm aio, use, costome contact frame also.. but not solve

Try using another Mikrocode, it*s in BIOS under Tweakers Paradies and under Undervolt Protection.

This takes heat away from CPU. I have even bought a 360 Aio and coudn't handle the heat with "current Mikrocode"

Take the other one. It is called 0x104.

It will tell you to do at your own risk but it defenetly sovles the heat problem kind of for me 🙂

Level 9

I have Corsair 6000Mhz ram which works even overclocked to 6400. Any more and i am experiencing crashes. 

Frustating is that i cannot overclock or set the BLCK to 100 even thoug i have an i7 13700K. The K Version which is overclockable.

I also found a way to undervolt with this motherboard/Bios version using this method:

1. Tweaker Paradise: Set Microcode to 0x104!

2. In Ai Tweaker, leave "Actual VRM Core Voltage" on Auto.

3. Set Global Core SVID Voltage to OFFSET, choose minus (-) and start with 0.1

3. Set Cache SVID Voltage also to OFFSET, then minus (-) and start with 0.1

You can then Benchmark and go higher everytime. Mine is now at 0.16 which may be not stable for certain CPU's.

Great Luck! 

Ill try cus my i7 13000k is core thermal throttling and Package/Ring Thermal Throttling at 90degree ,I have set the temp limit, my core VIDs goes up to 1.5v in cenibench r23
my board is asus stix rog b760-f . Will it work

There was a bios update for that board, i would recommend you update it and watch again.

If problem still exist after that, you may change you Microcode under tweakers paradise to an older one.

good luck!

bios version is 0406 x64

Your Bios is very old, its one of the first releases ever and there was an update this month version 1010!

I would recommend to ask an Asus support member how to do it if you are not shure what to do because you have to update the ME Firmware first bevore the actual Bios flash!

You don't see these options because the bios is to old and contains an very old microcode which unnessesary heats up you cpu.

After flashing your bios all of your temperature problems should be gone because they updated the firmware in update 1010.

bro i dont have offset option only manual and auto soo i have set it to "manual = -0.60000" cus only this low my board allows, is this value ok.
global Svid and Cache vid both to -0.60000