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Asus Released Bios 1303 for z790

Level 9

patch notes:

1. Recommended for vital update to mitigate the potential security vulnerabilities
2. Improve system performance


you do not need to update intel ME for this Bios Version

i updated no issues.


@Pimpimmers : thanks for the tip.  I'll take a look and may give it a try. 
Does this MoKiChU explain what the changes are made in the MoKiChU versions?

I am old school and any REV version always has noted what changed.

Question; I also updated my Intel ME Consumer Firmware : [11/07/2023] from MoKiChU and never use it from Asus support site. you said, no problems while this was installed and did override the ASUS ME version ?
Again, do you happen to know what the changes made are ?  I already jumped on a few URL's, thanks again for that , so will research some more myself, who know I may find the answer(s) or reach out to MoKiChU.

Thanks again, MUCH appreciated your feedback / input.



Yes it will override ASUS ME version
I don't know the changes but if you go to the Asus support page to the BIOS and firmaware page you also don't know what changes are made it always say "Intel has identified security issue that could potentially place impacted platform at risk."

MoKiChU just always have the latest firmware and drivers and a easy and clean way to install.

When you use Armoury Crate or go to the Asus site to the support page of you motherboard you always have old drivers that get update months later.

Level 8

Hi guys, after updating after 2 weeks my system is working good without issues. I have all settings to default in the bios and XMP profile enabled for the ram.

Level 8

Installed 1303 on my ProArt Z790 Creator Wifi motherboard yesterday (CPU 13900K and 64gb Corsair Dominator ram) and so far, it has been 100% stable with no issues. Intel Firmware 2255 was installed a month ago.

Level 9

How about the Bootup time with the 1303?  For some reason its way way slow .
Other issue I have now is with the FAN's.   AC won't calibrate them as it used to, very odd.
Might still consider reversing bios to trusty 0904 again.


I have my PC now 10 months and flashed my BIOS more then 10 times.
In the begin I used altot test versions that you can find here:

But all BIOS versions bootup the same just normal/fast.

it's strange that you have problems with this version.

What I always do is unpack the BIOS with Winrar. Rename the BIOS with BIOSRenamer Then copy it to my USB stick.
And use USB BIOS FlashBack button.

So all settings are then gone.
Then set my BIOS settings but never use a saved profile. Just do it all manual.

From default settings I change this:

Ai Overclock Tuner [XMP Tweaked]
XMP [DDR5-6400 32-39-39-102-1.40V-1.40V]
DRAM Frequency [DDR5-6800MHz]
Long Duration Package Power Limit [290]
Short Duration Package Power Limit [290]
Actual VRM Core Voltage [Offset Mode]
- Offset Mode Sign [-]
- CPU Core Voltage Offset [0.02000]
PCI Express Native Power Management [Disabled]
Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology [Disabled]
VT-d [Disabled]
SATA Controller(s) [Disabled]
When system is in working state [Stealth Mode]
ASMedia Storage Controller [Disabled]
CPU Fan Speed [Ignore]
HYDRANODE Fan Association [Disabled]
OS Type [Windows UEFI mode]
Fast Boot [Disabled]
POST Delay Time [0 sec]
Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app [Disabled]

And then some OC settings for my CPU that I will not show or people will do the same and kill there CPU.

My CPU Fan Speed [Ignore] is because I only use W_PUMP+1 header.
And my Lian Li UNI HUB control all my fans on my radiators.
And I always turn off then things I don't use like SATA.

Level 7

Hey guys, I'm using Z790 Hero MB and 4x 32 GSkill DDR5.  Currently running BIOS v. 0813 and from what I'm reading I should probably just stick with it?

Recently had a problem updating Armory Crate and all of a sudden my RYUOJIN II won't display GPU temperature.  New build this year from Jan 2023 with maxed out hardware, running 4090 etc

3 questions:
1.  Should I stay on BIOS 0813 for now as this 1303 seems unstable?
2.  Any idea how to fix the RYUJIN II Hardware Monitor issue where it's showing 2x CPU Temp instead of CPU Temp / GPU Temp?
3.  As another poster said it's been impossible to get it to book with 4 sticks of DDR5 but I've kind of just accepted it and am not running XMP.  Any ideas how to get higher speeds here closer to MFG Rated speeds of 6400?

Level 7

BTW Ram is currently running stable at 4800 with all 4 sticks

2 sticks if you want xmp. Do you need all that ram or are you just gaming?

Remove Armoury and set your fans in the BIOS.

To be honest I'm not sure what would be better

I use a large PostgreSQL database while playing poker and play some Shooters like Fortnite

I'm usually running a few other pieces of software in addition to 3 different poker clients


What do you think would be better?  128gb Ram or 64gb on XMP?

I'm also wondering how do I overclock my Core i9 13900KS?  I'm trying to make the absolute top-end setup, as fast as possible for multi-tabling online poker

Regarding removing AC - I use ASUS Mice, Keyboards, RYUJIN II, Thor PSU... won't I lose access to my settings doing that?  I've never ran without AC before and while I agree it can be quite garbage at times I don't know the process to go through to get away from it and still have access to RGB and other device specific settings.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Thanks @BannedAirship