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Asus ProArt Z790 Creator WIF why doesn't this motherboard have an SPDIF port?

Level 9

Pretty much every motherboard that I've used for the last 10 years that had 5.1 or 7.1 sound also had an SPDIF output port. I just bought this new Asus ProArt Z790 Creator WIFI board and it has all the standard analog audio jacks but it doesn't have an SPDIF which I'm actually using on the computer that this new build will replace. So this motherboard is not a low end motherboard and is actually more pricier than most so I just don't understand why does Asus not have an SPDIF port on this?


Level 8

I have the same board and didn't understand it either. It replaced an older board that had TOSLINK or Optical out.

So, to continue using a digital audio connection, I got the Fiio K3 DAC which has Optical out and a headphone out, in the front of the unit. Sound is great.

Level 8

I purchased a Fiio K5Pro ESS DAC\headphone amp. It doesn't have optical out but from the USB it gives vastly superior sound to any Realtek audio setup.

I have the Fiio K3 DAC which has Optical Out. Love it.