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Asus Prime Z690-P WiFi, WIndows 11 and WoL - won't turn off.

Level 7

I've been wrestling with this for a bit now.

Latest firmwares and drivers (at least until the last week releases).  In the BIOS, I turn on the APM - Power on by PCI.  In Windows 11, disabled the fast boot option.

When the machine is off, I can WoL just fine.  The problem is getting the machine off...  Shut down inside Windows and as soon as the system shuts off (LEDs go off) then it pops back on.  Not 100% of the time but most times.  Sometimes it shuts down and stays down just fine.

If it immediately pops back on, I can wait until the BIOS screen shows up and hit the power button again but sometimes it still just pops right back on.

If I hit and hold the power button in as soon as it pops back on, then it shuts off and I can't WoL to power it back on.  When I manually hit the power button to power it on then it stops at the BIOS and tells me it is in safe mode and I have to go into setup to fix it.

Not sure what is causing it to keep popping back on like this when shut down.