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Asus Multicore Enhancement field and CPU Core Cache Current Limit - Z690

Level 8

I have the TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4 with a 12700K and I have been meaning to ask about the behavior of these two settings.

With optimized defaults, multicore enhancement is enabled and the current limit is set to max for the field, 511.75A.  That probably isn't news to anybody.

If one sets the multicore enhancement field to "Disabled - Enforce All Limits" then the auto value for the CPU Core Cache Current limit becomes 370A.

My questions are the following:

Is the CPU Core Cache Current Limit actually in amps and not some distorted unit?  In specification, 8+4 125W S-series ICC Max is listed as 240A, so if the field is in amps should it be set to 240 to respect the limit?  Or am I missing something?

Thank you



Level 12

no you dont need to hit anything or type anything in when in the default setting. the 370amps is when the power limit is at its peak boost (190w). when it goes down to pl1 it will drop. just enjoy the cpu.

Level 8

Thank you, but my questions were intended more to ask about the behavior of these settings, and why the default enforced limit value is some seemingly arbitrary value that does not appear to abide by the spec in the 12th Gen data sheet.  Or if not arbitrary, how does the 370 value relate to 240A spec current limit?

Power limits on 12th Gen have essentially no spec as far as I know, so while they have some recommended values given in the Thermal Management section, there are no values listed for them in the Electrical Specification section.  Unlike operating voltage, IccMax, or loadlines.

 icc,loadlnes,and voltage are all motherboard related. 370 is intel spec limit so they set it to that. 240 is the minimum. but your motherboard is overspec'd and allows 500+ amps when power limits are unlocked. im not sure what your questioning.

as for cpu voltage and loadlines that is all motherboard related and not governed by intel...


Level 8

12th Generation Intel Core Processors Datasheet Volume 1 (Doc. No.: 655258, Rev.: 010) is the one I am looking at.

The DC specs for VCCcore are in Table 76, starting on page 176.  IccMax is listed by processor type, and the values appear in the "Maximum" column.  Operating voltage, IccMax, DC and AC loadlines are included.

370 amps does not appear anywhere in the sheet.  Where is it coming from?

511.75 is the max register value, I am not surprised it is set with Multicore Enhancement enabled.