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Asus motherboards crash RGB ram with Corsair iCue

Level 9
there are so much users on the net complaining about the fact that Corsair iCue crashes their RGB RAM due to Asus flaws.

This are just some examples:

Corsair technical support says that is in contact with Asus to try to solve this problem and that this problems depends on Asus.

Is this true? Is there someone working in Asus to fix this problem?

I'm pretty bothered from this "non collaboraton" between Asus and Corsair.
It's a shame, Asus says that it's a Corsair problem and Corsair says that it's an Asus problem.

I'm going to write to these people, let's see if they can chime in.

Fix it!

PS: this problem occurs on most new Asus mobos even without Armoury Crate installed, so please don't move the thread in the software section.

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Community Admin
Please stop mixing sticks of memory and reporting issues.

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