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Asus boards and RAM RGB freezing when using Corsair iCue

Level 9
Hi all,
have you ever experienced a RAM RGB freeze when using iCue?

Please answer the poll.

Level 8
Yup, I do believe it is an ASUS problem (I have the Hero Z690 and run Dominator Platinum RGB 6200 RAM). "SPD Write Disabled" (set to FALSE) is flakey as to whether this setting works as intended for one or more sticks on a cold boot. It appears to always work correctly if you perform a warm boot though.

I think a default (for the "SPD Write Disabled") value of FALSE would solve a lot of these issues. I understand that SPD (Serial Presence Detect) is used to store and retrieve memory timing information etc. at startup but does leaving access to SPD open the PC up to security threats? If not, ASUS could mitigate a lot of confusion by their user base with a setting of FALSE. Failing that, ASUS - just fix it so it reliably reads the stored value the user may have set in the UEFI BIOS (in my case, FALSE).