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Asus Board does not set offset voltage to undervolt...Z690-A D4, bios version 2103

Level 8
Testing with XTU 12700K offset voltage 0.11V and temperature is 68 degree with R23 at most.

But however XTU can not write to bios and after restart it resets back to normal.

Tried to set offset voltage from bios, version 2103. set -, set 0.11V...

Other settings are all "auto"....No overclock except XMP1.

But after boot, it seems voltage is not set as it should be, not giving temp results achieved with XTU. Just like auto settings reaching up to 82degree.

What is wrong with my settings?

Best Regards.

Level 8
Ok, did it by setting the core svid voltage to adaptive and - 0.11V...Not it works..

But I set the first "Actual vrm core voltage" to auto???

Cache voltage setting to - failed, no boot.

Why the heck Asus ...ed up all these settings scattered around with "very high tech" names? At least they could provide some undervolting/overclocking guide.

They are lazy! WE NEED DOCUMENTS!