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Asus B660m-plus wifi d4 + 13700k very HIGH voltages at stock settings up to 1.510v

Level 7
Was using this mobo with a 12700k just fine but after changed the CPU to an 13700k the voltages are very high at stock settings, BIOS updated to newest one (2014) intel ME also updated

CMOS cleared all stock 1.397v

XMP enabled all stock 1.510v

XMP enabled, TVB off, Asus MCE off 1.510v

PL1/PL2 tried at 75/100/125/200/no limits same behavior

AIO reinstalled cus idle temps are high 40s, no changes, with negative offset temps in idle around 35ish

im using negative offset of -0.150mV trying to reduce to voltage still seeing VCore playing around 1.4v using HWinfo readings, VID is maxing at 1.597v, this behavior dont look OK, any advise??

Update: i managed to reduce stok voltage to 1.331v XMP enabled Asus MCE on (still seems high for me at stock) activating the energy save mode(big green speedometer icon on the right top) on main BIOS page and managed to use a -0.0900 offset to reduce voltage to 1.240v, but VID is still maxing at 1.597v any advise??

Hello OaqeWado

Welcome to the ROG forum.

What I do is set the cpu voltage manually and adjust LLC so that Hwinfo reads what I'm setting in the bios. You could try a manual voltage of 1.24v, you will need to use an offset to get the voltage to drop when at idle or you can use adaptive mode.

Offset voltage also affects idle voltage, too much of a negative offset can lead to instability at idle.

For the VID...

In the bios on the AI Tweaker tab, try setting SVID Behavior to "Best Case Scenario".

Thks Nate152

Remember this is a B660 mobo so no SVID behavior options or adaptative voltages

Ok, I wasn't sure if your motherboard had those options.

You can ignore the VID as this is the voltage requested by the cpu, actual supplied voltage is the Vcore.

Since you're able to run with 1.24v, try setting 1.25v manually and use a -.01v negative offset, this should bring down the VID voltage.