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Asís x670-e plus wifi random crashes

Level 7


Build : asus x670-e plus wifi

bios .1654


msi mech x2 6700xt



psu Corsair rx1000

When the pc normally starts the Mb starts a orange light for the vram , then a quick red light for the cpu, a quick white and green light and then it starts as normal. Not sure if this is identifying a problem or just testing.

Initial problems:

-very slow boot even with Memory training

- computer doesn’t wake up from sleep(sleep now disabled in bios and windows)

- the usbC sometimes stop outputting power, not charging my connected devices. This usually gets fixed by restarting.

- After a couple of weeks of use now it’s starting to randomly crash. Sometimes It even crashes inside the bios, not being able to move the mouse after 2-3 minutes of use.

- I have reinstalled windows 11. Windows crashed the first time it was installed from scratch.  Just in case this helps with anything 

-I have disabled DCOP with no luck.

-I have made sure all connections are good. 

-I have checked for ram compatibility and it doesn’t list that ram but it lists this one which is the same but with the leds. That should be ok right? F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR

I am using TestMem5 overnight with DCOP disabled and it doesnt seem to crash. So I am starting to think this may be the cpu. I don’t think it can be the gpu if it even crashes in the bios, right?

I have used cinebench for stressing the cpu but it doesn’t crash so I don’t know what to change…

Any ideas would be extremely welcome. Thanks everyone

Posted a pick with the typical crash inside windows, if on the bios then it just freezes


Level 7

the only piece I can return at the moment is the Ram. The rest is more than 30 days. However I doubt it is the ram since it is not crashing during the tests. Still testing it, but if it crashes It could also be as any of the random crashes than happen even doing nothing inside BIOS