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Armoury Crate version memory leak when logged into non-administrator account on windows 11

Level 8

Armoury Crate works fine when running from my administrator account, but when I have it installed and login to a non-admin account the memory just ticks away a few % per minute until all 32GB of memory is consumed and the pc becomes unresponsive.

Used microsoft memory diagnostic several times - memory is fine.

Problem goes away when Armoury Crate is uninstalled.

Is there a fix planned?


I'd uninstall AC, but most of the drivers on the ASUS product support site won't install on their own (separate issue also with ASUS software - c'mon ASUS, you used to make rockin' MBs)...

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Level 17

If Armoury Crate refuses to behave, then you can always live without it and grab all of your motherboard drivers from MoKiChu's threads (see the Downloads for Motherboards section). His threads also have more recent drivers than the Asus support pages. The only other thing I do find Armoury Crate useful for is RGB and fan control, but other software can do that too.  

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thanks for the workaround johnab.

if there are asus employees lurking this forum i would still advocate for:

1. fix said memory leak when using in non-admin account

2. fix driver downloads for Z790M-PLUS - most of the setup.exe file will actually not install drivers

Level 11

Small note:
Armoury Crate version is not the version of ArmouryCrate but of the Armoury Crate & Aura Creator Installer.

You have ArmouryCrate with either version or the latest version You can see this if you open ArmouryCrate and click on the "gear" at the bottom left and go to "Update Center" in the next window.

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Level 7

Same problem here. Very annoying. Makes my PC a single-user machine. Are there any plans for the fix?

Level 13

Thank you for the link, MrAgapiGC

Installed new version (4GB Download?!?) and the Tools section says it cannot download drivers right now, go to the Asus support page for the board so I'm foiled again.

Link working here?

Tool Page seems to be working here at least. (



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perhaps the file server was down at the time i tried.

regardless, the memory leak in non-admin accounts is still present in new 5940 version of armoury crate so had to uninstall in order to use non-admin accounts on the pc.

how can we know if the memory leak on asus' list of bugs to squash?

it took about 2 months to fix memory leak in LightingService.exe

so I wouldn't be optimistic