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Armoury Crate update makes it useless

Level 11
Loaded Armoury crate. Says theres an update. Click to to update. Takes ages. Using Taskmanger CPU peaks at 1.7% for armoury crate. Everything else is Idle. I have a Gen 4 Nvme and a 12700K and 500mb DL speeds. Why the hell is it so damn slow?

Finally finishes and click to launch and I'm told theres an updated version. Why update ot an older version? If the previous needs installing before the next install ALL of them when users click to update!

App version
Now onto the main issue.
FanXpert wont load. Have the loading and circles but thats it. CPU between 0% and 0.6%. Wait for a long time and I get an error . Will link if I can figure out how.

Least before when I first selected FanXpert and it was slow I could close it and load it again and it'd be done within a few seconds. Now I can't even do that, No matter how many times I close/open Armoury crate FanXpert won't load.

Some of the drivers show the latest being older than what I have installed. Not that it showed the latest anyway but it not even there.

Bios no longer visible either

I'd say screw it and just uninstall but that often = my fans change speed once I reboot. The backup process doesn't backup my fan profiles which makes it useless. Saving my Fan profiles in FanXpert is essentially useless as they aren't even there to load after the Armoury crate app is removed and reinstalled and despite me mentioning it back in December we cannot access the save files to manually backup nor can we save them locally.

Why must ever update BREAK other stuff? Fix the stuff and improve stuff. Guess I return to setting fan speeds in Bios. Until I need to update that and then have to redo fan profiles there to since Updating wipes even them.

Hi Drayco31,

Try using the Amoury Crate uninstall tool from the ASUS Support Center.

Select your operating system then click Show all in blue, it's the third download.

Once uninstalled, install Armoury Crate version and run all the updates.

Does this get the Device page to show?

Level 11
@Nate thanks precisely what I didn't want to do. But I have.

Typing this while uninstalling/installing. Not aimed at you specifically. Just venting my frustration and annoyance at such rubbish software for expensive hardware,

Uninstall failed so I had to restart system and repeat.

Currently installing.
Issues and annoyances. Double click to run, confirm something and it's installing. Leave to grab a drink and return to another prompt wanting me to confirm it's access to Windows UAC or something. Then more waiting and new windows poppping up that continually steal focus while I'm trying to type for work.

Fan now at 100% RPM. Not one CPU core is hitting 40. Tell a lie Chasis 4 is at 376RPM all the others are bouncing between 1,500 and 2,000.

Confirm this. I've confirmed it 6+ times. Just let me click to flipping confirm and not use the tiny scroll bar to scrol to the bottom before I can click the bloody CONFIRM button. I've already done it!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the sign in and get the Register my product and Join Elite now. Hell no.I keep selecting NEVER SHOW AGAIN so stop ********* pushing I don't want to. I've said NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO at least that many times before! If this was in person I'd be arrested for punching the next person that asks me that. What good is an account if you DO NOT keep track of the data I provide?

Register my product. See above. The only Asus thing in my system is the motherboard and that is ALREADY Registwered to the account I just logged in with!



So no back to uninstaling the rubbish yet again and either reinstalling older version or trying Fan profiles in the Bios. Need to be sure to eradicate armoury crate as any traces = Fan setting change once windows loads.

When installing Armoury Crate, did you click yes to the UAC? If you clicked no, this could be why it's not loading.

Level 11
I clicked yes like I have every other time. If I didn't click yes I wouldn't get to the point I mentioned later on.

Uninstalled it. Fans doing whatever the hell they want. Enter Bios to change them there. Have temps and speed written down so don't have to figure out what they were. Set them how they were. Save and exit. No change. Still high RPM. Restart Drag them to 40% RPM upto 50 degrees. Save and reboot. Still high rpm with a highest spike to 49 when boosted to 5Ghz. Reset HWinfo and highest temp has min 31 for the last minute. Whilst fans doing 1500 RPM. Reminds me of what it was like when I first built this in Decemeber. Though I sure back then they atleast change until I got into Windows and Armoury crate was installed. Could be wrong as I've reinstalled Windows and Armoury crate numerous times whilst troubleshooting since December.

Still had a previous installer, version, Armoury Crate says App Version

Asus seemed top have fixed the backup and restore to include fan profiles. Least the more recent one I did after the last bios update. Fans now at a quiet <500RPM with CPU below <40 degrees.

So much messing around for a buggy update. I'd give up on Armoury crate if Setting Fan speeds in the bios actually made a difference. Not like I'd be updating the Bios very often.

Thanks for trying anyway. Sorry for the grumpiness. I detest updates breaking stuff and requiring me to waste time messing around so get rather annoyed when it happens.

Since you say you've reinstalled windows and Armoury Crate numerous times and still having issues, I'm wondering if your pc is fully stable.

I had an issue where I couldn't manually calibrate my mouse because of an unstable overclock. There could be instability somewhere, maybe with your ram.

Try with the bios at default settings, uninstall Armoury Crate with the uninstall tool once more and install version and run all the updates.


Level 11
My system is stable now. After multiple RMA's the board as suggested by Asus and my PSU for the GPU retailer. Finally narrowed it down to only occuring when the RTX 3070 is installed. Despite numerous RMA's and me making them return it to Gigabyte, twice, it keeps returning as no fault found. No crashes using the 12700K iGPU nor the used 2080 Super I purchased during the 10+ weeks I've not had the 3070. No issues what so ever with the 2080 Super. All the OS installs is me just being thorough by ruling out Nvme drives, bad nstalls, potential dodgy driver, and all the suggestions to clean install the OS. Despite my stating I already have numerous times. Retailer finally got it in their head after system crashed within 2 hours of me re-introducing the 3070 into my system and then crashing after I did a clean OS install and it crashed whilst idling. Idling when I had only installed the Drivers, nothing else. Went oto make a drink before installing things, like my AV, Firefox and stuff, and returned to it locked up.

GPU back for a 3rd time and I've not crashed for weeks. Dreading it's return.....would sell it but I'd feel bad as I know it's faulty . It's the 3rd 3070 I've had since September 2021. Least they could replicate the issue with the first two GPU. Only upgraded my system since it must be my mother that was the issue. Either it was and it was 2 things at fault or I upgraded in December when I needn't have bothered :mad:

My Armoury crate on the page you linked shows the same version. My installer was for an older version but it's obviously updated better this time round. Thankfully.

Only things I've changed in Bios is
1. Turning the Led on the motherboard off. Pointless when it's under my desk . Also in bedroom and I'm too old to need a nightlight.
3. Undervolted CPU -0.090 can do 0.100 stable, I think, didn't test an awful lot. Gets buggy around -0.105 so I went -0.090 to give me a little more room. Can run Aida, Prime, Cinebench and various 3dMark bench/stress tests without issue at the current undervolt.

No issues with the 2080 Super or iGPU with those settings. Issues only happen with the 3070 and I revert to defaults when that junk goes in just so they can't blame settings or anything.

Besides the Bios not seeming to affect my fan speeds Armoury Crate seems to be sorted now. Bonus is I didn't need to redo my fan profiles like I had previously. I'll deal with the Bios should I feel the need to update past my current 1504.

Thank you for reporting all is well with Armoury Crate.

If you have issues again, I'd look to the cpu undervolting. While my pc showed no signs of instability, it was a slightly unstable cpu overclock that gave me problems with Armoury Crate.

After the last update of Armory Crate, the Fan Xpert functionality stopped working for me.
Fan Expert freezes when auto tuning starts.
I tried to run Armory Crate Uninstall Tool, restarted the computer and started the installation again, the result is in the screenshot. Does not work!



When I press Stop and go back to Fan Xpert, I get an error:


Hi alexyenov,

The freezing could be a sign of instability, try resetting the bios to default settings and try Fan Xpert4 again.