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are these parameters correct in the bios (platform misc configuration)?

Level 7
Hi. I have a Z690 TUF Gaming D4 board, in the bios I modified all parameters disabling them so that the graphics card gives the maximum power, am I wrong?


My graphics card is an AMD 6900 XT. Although playing heavy games and in 3D mode goes perfect, sometimes (watching youtube videos) and in some game like back 4 blood (when I lower the volume from the keyboard), the screen turns white / gray but the game and the system does not crash, I wait 1 minute and I crashean the AMD drivers. I solved the problems on Youtube by disabling the hardware acceleration of the browser.

The doubt comes to me if all these problems come from having touched these parameters in the BIOS, how should I put them so that everything works correctly.

Best regards and thanks!

Level 13
Just leave it as default. Unless you want to change how many PCIE items you using in the build.

Level 7

I have everything by default but with problems like yours, did you manage to solve it?
 I have a 6800xt.