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Arctic Arctic Liquid Freezer II + Z790 = RAM Channel not working

Level 8

I found out that the Arctic Arctic Liquid Freezer II destroy the connections to the memory and that is the cause of the error when the board does not boot when a memory stick is inserted. Right now I'm not 100% sure if it was channel A or B, but one was working (I think it was B, even with 2 modules) and when a memory module is mounted on channel A, the board no longer boots.

ASUS routed the wires to the memory too close to the CPU cooler mounting holes and if you tighten the screws too much, the wires get cut. I'm attaching a few pictures where you can see the destroyed connections.
So be sure to tighten the screws for the cooler only minimally.
For my first board, I used the adhesive pads that come with the Artic AOI. But they do not help either!
I bought a new board and washers extra and put under. So it works now.IMG_2614.jpgIMG_2615.jpgIMG_2616.jpgIMG_2617.jpg


I fail to see why I have to justify my standpoint on this… been buying ASUS products for over 25 years and also recommended and sold ASUS above all else.

When I actually needed ASUS support they didn’t care about me so yeah I’m not going to entertain any other thought then what I feel cause of what happened to me.

ASUS doesn’t care about any ones experiences (good or bad) or failings and or whatnot, other company’s do.That is the essence of my two peace and there is where I feel I’m done, you however maybe are not and have more to say. I wish you well.

Sorry, just didn't quite understand what your experience with customer service has to do with proper installation or product features, still don't. You said they do not care about "this kind of input", the features listed above suggests otherwise - that was the point I was making.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 9

You missed an important step.  There are plastic sticky pads you must affix to the MB first, that's why the standoffs destroyed the mobo.

Level 7

Thank you for posting this!

I helped a friend on a recent Z790 build, and we're guessing this exact same thing happened to him as well.  His A1/A2 RAM slots were dead.  We have not yet taken the computer apart to inspect, but we used an Arctic Liquid Freezer 420.  I've personally installed  3 of these coolers helping other friends and never had a problem with any of them. 

Granted, they were X570 boards and probably aren't designed like this.   We didn't use any unusually strong force when attaching it, and the washers included with the Arctic cooler are NOT thick enough to prevent this IMHO.  Wish we would have seen your post sooner!