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Apex z790 - how to disable Powerdown mode

Level 7

I zeroed out all settings in the Powerdown section under Misc timings and the Aida Cache & Memory benchmark latency has not changed in any way, shape or form. Could someone please let me know what I'm missing here? BIOS 1203 (latest as of last week)



Super Moderator


Will need more info than that. What is your latency at the moment? Timings, frequency? What boost were you expecting from changing these?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 11

ppd= 0 
txp = 0  does nothing on z690/z790

Rig # 1 - 14900K SP-115 | 87 MC @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.1 R | 4.5 E | DDR5 48GB @ 8,400 c36 | Strix RTX 4090 | XG27AQN 1440P 27" 360 Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

Rig # 2 - 13900KS-SP-120 | 80 MC @ 5.8 GHZ | 5.0 R | 4.5 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,300 c15 | Strix RTX 3080 | Aoc 1080P 25" 240 Hz G-Sync

"ppd" does not exist in BIOS or MemTweakIt. There is only "tppd" which doesn't appear to affect anything measurable or "Powerdown enable" in BIOS. Again no latency difference with it set to 0/1/Auto. On my Apex z390 I could set PPD to 0 (and TXP To 4) to get a 2ns latency reduction for free essentially. The only two possibilities I see is either the "Powerdown enable" setting is ignored or something else I set on the board has enabled it. I run virtually every power saving feature disabled and limits removed. Will post settings later today. I'm running 8200c34 everything tuned manually and verified with 25 cycles TM5 and 30000 coverage in Karthu Memtest for stability. Latency in Aida 49.5ns regardless if "Powerdown enable" is set to 0/1/Auto.