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Ai oc unstable Strix Z690-G 13700k

Level 7

Hi everyone,

13700K (SP 95, 106 P 75 E) July 2023

Strix Z690-G 

2x32 GB DDR5 6400

Deepcool LT720

Strix 4090 OC

1440P 240hz & 4K 120hz 

corsair SFX-L 1000w

I'm pretty familiar with my system and the bios, as I’ve been building for a long time on both AMD and Intel. Initially I played around with Ai OC when I built this system in July 2023. F5 optimized defaults, no XMP on initial cooler training with stress tests, you know following the guide exactly as it says. It took my cpu to 1.5 Vcore on idle to hit 6.1 ghz. I understand idle Vcore with low load and current “should” be safe, as it dropped voltage during cinebench and never exceeded 240 watts or 90C. It looked good. 

Off and on over the months I’ve played with Ai OC but never more than a week or so at a time then back to stock. I decided to give it another go and actually stick with it this time. Except it’s unstable no matter what I do now. 

let’s get the relevant basic troubleshooting steps out of the way. CPU is stable at stock settings. Both with and without XMP. Svid on auto, MCE: disabled enforce all limits. Temps on R24 are 76C, 1.252 Vcore, around 215 watts. All bios/ drivers are kept up to date. I’ve also swapped back to previous bios version’s to test Ai OC stability. Currently back on latest bios 3401.

I’ve cleared cmos a ridiculous amount of times, reset cooler training too many times. I reinstalled windows 11 today. But every time I enable Ai OC now it’s unstable. It loads into windows just fine, no bsod. Cinebench crashes within 20 seconds. Sometimes just crash and close, other times crash and lock the pc unresponsive, with varying cpu related crash messages.

Same with games. They crash anywhere from instantly to 2 minutes. XMP on/off doesn’t make a difference Ai OC crashes. I’ve also tried modifying the cooler score. Keep training seems to think my aio is fantastic and sets it at 178. I set this manually under user specify to 155 to lower the oc and it still crashes.

I’m currently running it stock and it’s completely stable with XMP. I’m fine staying here, but would be interesting to find what’s causing the crashing with Ai OC. Ac Ll?


Level 12

have you tried updating bios? for some reason i think your bios thinks you have a 13900k. aint no way a 13700k should be boosting to 6.1. try lowering your optimizer score by 15 and keep doing that until you get stable in stress tests. you also need to enable MCE.