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After Z690 Extreme RMA replacement, CPU package temp up by 12C???

Level 7

I had an issue with my Maximus Z690 Extreme unrelated to the CPU and it was replaced. 

Same CPU, Same Corsair H150i elite 360 Rad, same thermal paste. Prior to the replacement, the CPU idled at 32C-35C on package And at full load was mid 80's. After the replacement, the package temp at idle is 42C-48C.  At full load it's reaching 90C. I thought maybe I had a bad mount and I repasted with no change.

Core temps are idling between 28C and 35C with the outlier being P-Core 4 which is idling above 40C.

The installation of the cooler is identical to the previous motherboard.  What could be causing this?




Hello dragonthc

Did you have your Corsair H150i elite configured before the motherboard replacement?

You might want to check the pump is running at 100%.




Thanks for the reply. Everything was configured properly before I replaced the motherboard. The only thing that changed was the board. Everything's configured the exact same including BIOS settings. 


Strange issue for sure.

One thing that would raise idle temps is the windows power plan, check to see it's set to balanced.

Also, monitor the Vcore (cpu voltage) at idle and under load and see if it looks normal.