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7200MHz CL34 DDR5 auf Asus Z790-F Gaming Wifi +13900K Settings

Level 7

Hello my friends

i bought 4x16GB DDR5 7200MHz CL34 Corsair Dominator Platinum ram .Which settings are nessasary to run all 4 ram modules on the Z790-F Gaming Wifi board. which voltages must be set?

at the moment i could get running 2 modules with 7200mhz cl34 timings but with 4 the system hangs after log into windows. Is Raptor Lake to weak for 4 Modules? 

Hope Arrrow Lake wil fix the issue than. but its interesting for me if somebody could get it running with 4 Modules jet on the 7200mhz speed. please help

Asus Rog Strix Z790-F Gaming Wifi, Intel core i9-13900K, 4x Corsair DDR5-5600 ad 6000MHz, MSI Ventus RTX 4090 OC, 3x 4TB Firecuda 530 NVMe SSDs, 1x 1TB Firecuda 530 for OS


Hello Patrick84

I'll explain why you're having trouble.

You have two 2x16GB = 32GB memory kits, each 32GB memory kit is tested separately and certified to work.

What you're doing is combining those two memory kits for 64GB 7200MT/s cl34, 64GB has not been tested and is just asking too much from the cpu's memory controller. If you take notice, there are no single memory kits of that density and speed.

My only advice is to return a memory kit or settle for a lower memory speed.