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690 Formula Error Q-code 00 & 40

Level 8
HI, When we built the pc i got the error code 00

i didn't realise it was a error code,. I though it meant everything was ok. i only realised when i got the error code 40 which meant it was booting to fast, so i fixed the problem by turning of fast boot in power options. (Which i shouldn't have to on a expensive motherboard board lol). does any90ne know how toi fix the qcode 44 issue without having to turn off fast boot?

When i was searing i seen that 00 was a error . i have the latest firmware (think 0811) which was released on the 22 Dec 21.. Anyone know what to do before i take this mobo back?

Thank you


Asus 690 Formula
Intel Core i9 12900K 16 Core Alder Lake
Cooler Corsair 150i LCD
Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5 Ram
Nvidia 3080 TI FE
Asus Helios Case
Corsair 1200 HXI
Samsung 2tb 980 Pro

Level 8
i Sorted it 🙂

Remove the power cable and also removed the CMOS battery for one min. Put the battery back in, replugged the pc and boom its all sorted 🙂

Hope this helps

Level 7
As far as I know, Qcode 00 means correctly completed boot process. My X99 sometimes gives qcode 00 and sometimes qcode 40 but everything works fine.