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3401 & 3302 bios ver causing higher temps than 3101?

Level 7

Hi all! 

Z690 formula/13900k/asus ryuo iii 

I was using 3101 bios, pretty good bios btw, nice temps and great stability. Yesterday i decided to update my bios, straight to 3402 ver. On 3101 i had adaptive vcore with slight undervolt on 5.7p/4.5e oc. -0.01200. In time spy cpu test my higher temp peak was 84c. 

So, after successfull update to 3402, im applied my previous settings (again everything fine), disabled IA & SA CEP, run some quick tests for stability and wowed from my cpu temps. In time spy cpu test my cpu temp raised up to 6c!! Rolled back to 3302, repeat what i did before booting to windows and decided to check temps again, and again my cpu temp was 5c more than i had on 3101 ver. (89c). 

Ok, did some undervolting, somehow on 3302 i have much more room for undervolting lol, with 3101 -0.01200 offset was my maximum, while 3302 allows me straight to -0.05700, after that im losing my stability. I did some tests again and my peak was 87-88c, but the other side is i gained some % in performance. 
e.g with 3101 im topped 36-37k in cb23 with -0.01200, while on 3302 i can do 39900-40400 with -0.05700 offset. 

So my question is, is this the way it should be or is something not working quite right? Its great that I got a performance uplift in return for increased temperatures, but at the same time my undervolt capabilities have increased much more and when jumping from 0.01200 to 0.05700 i dont gain in temperatures, but i gain in performance? How can i lower temperatures now with little loss in performance like before? Limiting tdp? 

I hope this is not a stupid question, but i dont quite understand how the new bios work, specifically 3302 and 3401, that due to such important updates added undervolt capabilities and at the same time increased temperatures.



Level 11

This is related to the new CEP that Asus has implemented since the last couple of bio's hence why I haven't updated also, My voltage and temps were also higher not to mention the system was unstable also.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, higher temps and voltages in exchange for performance uplift. I also think the system on the 3302 is more stable than the 3101 for some reason. It seems i’ll need to lower my tdp if i want to get back to the same temps and performance. 

I haven't tried any of 3x bios's, I am on 2802 that has been rock solid for me so far and no weird CEP rework has been done with this bios, I think it was since 3302 they reworked the CEP for my Strix Z690 so I haven't used any other than 3401 but as soon as I saw my load V core I went back to 2802.


These 13th and 14th gen CPU's are already on the ragged edge of high voltage last thing we need is more voltage pumped into them.