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13900KF Unstable At Voltages Below 1.5V

Level 7

I have issues running this CPU at what should be more sensible voltages, based on what I've online.
I have a ASUS Z690-G Gaming Wi-Fi with a 13900KF.

The P-core SP is 113 and the E-core SP is 85 with an overall SP of 103.



With the P-cores set to 55x and E-cores at stock 43x, in order to achieve stability, the VRM LLC has to be set to 6 with DC IA at auto (0.49) and AC IA at 0.58.
This equates to roughly 1.510V+ while running most light and medium loads.
On heavier loads like code compilation in Unreal Engine it will dip to 1.45V~ but it's also throttling to 52x~ and lower on all P-cores.

Setting a P-core OC to 56x requires me to bump the LLC up to 0.64 to be stable, which takes the voltage up to 1.616V~

When I reset the BIOS, the system won't boot at stock/defaults unless I do the above, as it always crashes at the start of Windows boot.

The voltages at stock actually seem to be more sensible coming in at around 1.421V, but the result is the crashes at Windows boot. Stock also doesn't have XMP enabled from what I've seen, the memory was running much lower than 6000, around 5200.

Seeking advice as to whether something is up with my board or if it is the case that within a year my CPU has degraded that badly.

Thank you in advance 🙇‍♂️


Level 12

you messed something up. revert to default settings. default llc should be level 3

So I did that and I did look in the BIOS (not changing anything) to see what the LLC would be, it is level 3 and I would then continue with the boot and the crash would always occur on Windows boot.