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12900KS Power limit Throttling at Stock intel setting's ?

Level 9
What Max Core Frequency should the 12900KS be doing out of the box and should it be Power Limit Throttling at the Intel stock settings with no motherboard enhancements turned on ?

I am using a custom loop system so I would like to think my cooling solution is good enough for the job.


Level 9
Thanks for link the data would suggest my CPU is even worse than there worst sample.

USERMAC wrote:
Thanks for link the data would suggest my CPU is even worse than there worst sample.

Thats gotta be the block mount or air flow through the rads.

Asus 'default' bios settings for the KS are too agressive. Use LLC 3. AC LL .35, DC LL 1.1. This should drop temps at least 10C. Asus defaults are LLC3, AC=.60, DC=1.1.

Use OCCT AVX stress tests. If you don't pass use AC LL .40. If you pass and don't crash next go to VF Pt 5 (I believe) whatever VF pt is 5200mhz. Start with negative offset of .01 and stress test AVX in OCCT again. Keep going by .01 increments until crash then after crash move VF pt 'up' by .01. Mine is stable at a (-).05 offset using AVX. I've tested 4 KS's and every single one of them running at 'default' bios settings on my APEX would hit TJ max on a Cinebench run. You have got to undervolt as much as you can. Using CB_R23 (P52, E40 on the cores) My Vcore at load is 1.19v. Check what your Vcore at load is running CB_R23 using defaults. I bet it's near 1.3 or something crazy. You've got to 'tune' the KS. You can't just drop it in and run (Auto) on everything or you'll just have a great space heater.

My KS chip fried itself when it went back to the store for testing they told me they used the new Intel Cooler Socket 1700 for testing as that is what it required for testing of there OEM 12 gen Intel CPU'S which ended with a code 00 for that CPU. I got given a refund and I purchased a retail version and I now have much better chip but I still get Current/EDP limit throttle at stock Intel recommended settings.
I run the same stress test with my 12900k non s and that does not do the Current/EDP Limit throttle it just does what the chip is rated to do out of the box.

Maybe the Asus Bios Default Intel stock settings needs to be tweaked by Asus a bit better so that the voltage is balanced to the point the chip can do it's out of the box settings without Current/EDP limit throttle. I did not purchase the KS chip to run it at stock settings just I first need to see how the chip performs at stock settings so that I can do my own tweaking in the bios but I would like the chip at stock to at least behave normally to start with.

Level 7
I'm trying to optimize the transfer of heat from the IHS without going to bare die, de-lidding for metal paste, etc. I decided to test a HK IV Pro Copper because Watercool seems to be trying harder than Optimus to update for the 12th generation. The Pro is supposed to be improved partly for the 1700. They have an adapter kit which hopefully handles the lower z dimension spec and different holes, and a solid backplate designed for 1700. They are coming out with a replacement coldplate which will better match the slightly concave shape of the IHS under pressure of the stock ILM. Made my own adapter out of the original posts; the backplate is on its way, and waiting for the coldplate.