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Z590 Glacial and NVME M2 slot 1 and 2

Level 8

Hello everyone,

I got this wonderful MB and love it.  However, I was stuck at the part where inserting M2 I to slot 1 and 2 and it didn’t even recognize it.  I use 11th gen.

I could use both at DIMM 2 slots which shared with Sata.

Until I found someone post saying that I should go to Bios and configure CPU from advanced tab.  I went ahead and did just that PCIEx16-1 - NVME M2.1 - NVME M2.2.  Now, bot slot works.  Standard, it was configured so that both PCIE x16 slot 1 and 2 were both full x16.  It turned out that the Slot 2 of PCIE x16 is shared with the NVME which is x4 lanes.  Therefore, if you are configuring things this way


your PCIE 1 will be full X16 band, and the slot 2 will be 8x8 band, which split into 4x4 for the 2 M2 slots.  Basically, your Slot 2 is now PCIE X8


what that means ? Is that if you have GPU and want to take advantages of X16.  You put it on the PCIE Slot 1.