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[Z590] Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero - New Official Bios (0605)

Level 9
Asus has officially released the new bios (0605) for the Maximus XIII Hero board. For some reason it's not displayed under the "Bios & Firmware" section, however you can find it under the "Drivers & Tools" section, after selecting the OS, as shown below.

There is another bios version (0610), however it's considered beta and i can't really tell if it's really newer or has been added to (0605).
So, to be safe, i would still recommend flashing the officially released one.

Drivers & Tools Link:


Level 10
The 0605 has been rolled out on almost all Rog and Strix series.

Nice performance boost of almost 10 seconds on boot, well for me that is 😄

The website shows that the latest beta BIOS 0703 is published. I've flashed 0610 and 0703 respectively. I think these are different BIOS branches. 0610 has better DRAM O.C capability with exact the same BIOS subsystem microcode updates. The 0610 is prefered if you have DRAM compatibility or O.C capability issues.