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Z590 Apex motherboard goes on and off

Level 7
when I switch on my computer, the mainboard goes ON and the fans spin, mainboard goes OFF, and after two seconds the computer boots up. Computer is never without power. Hardware: Windows 10 Pro 20H2, Bios 0901, 11900k, Asus RTX 3090 OC, SSD M2 500 Samsung and G.SKILL 3200, Asus Thor 850W
I only started the mainboard with CPU and memory, the same problem, I also changed memories, the same problem. Mainboard battery changed and CMOS performed, did not need anything

MfG Brutus7284

All looks fine. When the cycking happens see id the dual bios led stays at the correct side since its a dual biosboard

Level 11
yeah, just did some bios swaps last night, first restart after every bios change got stuck 7F of course, but clear mos seems to work, after that, it restarts showing the first screen "press F1" etc so probably super i/o is fine
I'm gonna do some trials again, to see which one is the most stable (0707, 0901 and gonna give another try for 0903), I would keep 0106 to be honest, but that one being from Dec/Jan I don't know if RBAR for nvidia 3xxx is properly implemented

probably things will settle down after some more bios versions as usual...

so yeah, got around getting one of these, and at first I though I had the same problem as OP, but even after I updated the bios to the latest version, the constant on and offs seem to be memory training related, yes. 1 second power-up and down, no errors on Qcode, and it sometimes does it like 4-5... 10 times in a row, but it boots on by itself. Sometimes it's immediate tho.

My guess? maybe it's really some bios memory training boot-up related bug or instability that makes it go on loops like this. Better wait for newer bios releases.

Level 11
I see that you're on 11th...
to be completely honest, I had no patience to see how many loops I had, but in my case there were way more than 10...

most likely it is still needed a lot of work on the bios side...
there are still power, stability, compatibility also performance issues with 10th and 11th as well
I wonder if they will try to make separate bios for 10th and 11th, some problems will go away?

well, whatever it is tho, I hit the same snag yesterday, and only reverting to the secondary bios with
0506 version I managed to boot back.

Think I'll stay on this one for the time being, or is there some more recent more stable version besides this one?

Level 11
until they will release something official, I'm using 0903 - it's almost a week already (link in the first post here)
did not have any restart loops so far, just the usual 7F error after the first restart, but it's solved using the power button trick (keeping power button for 30 sec while the power supply is completely off)

interesting part is that RBAR is working worse on Apex XIII than XII, so I'm keeping it off... until they will eventually fix it... tried all bios versions, something's not right...
have stuttering with that one on, Apex XII was just fine, actually saw some improvements

also regarding the USB stuff - this board is advertised to have enhanced functionality for the high polling rate mice or keyboards, well, in the end these have to be reconnected after restart occasionally as not seen, and in general I'll have to low the rate under 1000Hz to not have stutter in games - with Apex XII these were just fine

so there are a lot of things to be fixed this generation, probably will take a while...

Awesome. Soon as I can, will check it out.