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z490/z590 bios will not flash, possible solution

Level 11
Since Rocket Lake release I have seen quite a few people post about the board acting like it is dead or one of the bios will not flash on a dual bios MB like Apex.
I ran into the same issue with z490 Unify and 11900k where the MB would not do anything.

Someone on a German site just posted about this with z590 Hero and 11900k and they could not get the MB to post or flash the bios via flashback. I suggest removing everything(so just MB and PSU) and then try flashback and it worked for him so posting it here. Try it as a last chance if nothing else works.

Disconnect everything, Sata, NVME, RAM, CPU etc. and then try flashback

Level 13
I suppose a question I might ask is why go through all that trouble when you can just do it from the Bios using EZ Flash. I can see the attraction if the Bios Flashback worked but unplugging everything is a little more than should be required.

I will try it the next time I do a Bios update..
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Level 11
The reason to do this is you cannot even boot the MB so how could you do EZ flash?

It is a last resort and no reason to do unless nothing else works. I said in the first post the board acts like it is dead or the board does nothing.

Also it may not work and the bios is still bricked.

Level 13
i check a guy locally with the same issue. using a z590-e with a 10700k once he update the bios, did the flashback, turn on the pc, load the lights update and then ... that is it. I will meet the guy today to check that out
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