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WiFI Intel AX210 Z590-E Gaming MB Error 43

Level 7

Thought I would post this in the open to see if anyone else is having this issue.

Right so my Z590-E Motherboard is having an issue with the WiFi Card.

So I have Windows 11 installed to start off with. The BETA Version not the DEV Version.
I'm running a Intel i7 11700k

But here it goes.

If I run the Intel Driver then there appears to be no issues at all.

If I update to Driver 22.20.06 via Armoury Crate then after a few minutes my WiFi card will error out giving code 43

If I update to Driver via Windows Update then again the same thing.

Each time it errors I go into Device Manager Uninstall the Device and then let it find it again and leave it at the Driver.

I have updated all the drivers via Armoury Crate. Windows is up to date apart from the latest Intel WiFi driver as that will cause it to crash.

It just seems like it can't be a hardware issue otherwise it would fail with any driver.

I'm really stumped at this one.

Level 8
you have win11 beta version installed, I think that's your problem. probably some sort of driver issue.

Level 13
I have been running mine on a Z490 board. I did have to get a PCIe version due to the original card. I am running the and those drivers have always been updated automatically using Win 11 optional drivers section. And those drivers show up prior to any public version.

Using the AXE11000 works fine for me since I have seen no problems.. My system is fairly close to the router and since the Wi-Fi 6 GHz signal is weaker than the 5 GHz, distance may matter.

I can't try my Z590 board since it is not in the Insider Beta program.

The AXE11000 has a problem in that it does not show the 6 GHz band in the Bios but pretends it is a 5 GHz version.. I sent ASUS feedback about this but they just suggested I read the FAQ.. The reason I know it is the 6 GHz radio is that I have disabled the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios and still have a connection.
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