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TURN ON AFTER AC POWER LOSS - not worked after power outage

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Hi my pc: 10850K stock 4800mhz

2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP

Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium

Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming ( 2x8pin,2 separate pcie cables )

Asus Z490 Maximus


Hi . I have an question. 5 days ago i had momentary power outage for brief moment. When power back pc not booted itself. I just presset reset button to turn on pc.

In bios i have option RESTORE ON AC POWER - ON.

But when i cut power by pressing off BUTTON on power cord for second and then turning on pc booting itself on.

Is any difference between short power outage and turning off/on power in power cord? THanks

If that was momentary power outage why pc shutted down and not rebooted? Instead of fliping switch OFF/ON in power cord when pc shutting down and rebooting.

Hi lpiotrowski211,

This was thoroughly answered in your thread on Tom's Hardware. It appears your system made an emergency power cut but without repeated incidents and a pattern it's going to be impossible to determine more. When an expert like Johnny gives you an answer you should accept it. 🙂

Regarding the specific question of a power outage: There can be differences in that a mains power problem doesn't always mean power goes out completely. Sometimes the voltage drops which can actually be more harmful to some electrical devices. This is sometimes referred to as a "brownout". If you want to make sure your PC is protected you should purchase a UPS capable of supporting a high powered PC. Unfortunately I do not have any recommendations as I do not live in Europe so you will have to do some research.

However, if mains power were your issue you would see other evidence around your home such as lights flickering or clocks being reset. So we circle back to this being a momentary fault in your PC which cannot be diagnosed without further information. As such, we'll close this thread but feel free to start a new topic if this happens repeatedly and you have new information.

Thank you.
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