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The ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E looks nice new $149.99 but?

Level 7
I can get this board new from a few sites for 150 dollars and a new 11700k for $188.00. I am a little confused.

I am not sure if it can run W11 and if so- reviews say you might need update the me-firm and bios, but you can't do the me until new bios to install w11. I know you can do the bios with no os installed. I cant buy both W10 and W11 just to use this mobo. Maybe buy W10 pro and MS lets me free upgrade to W11. I dont know?

The list of M.2/NVMe for board on Asus website is very poor. It is mostly Intel and then its 32 128 256 and 512Gb and all gen3, and a lot of no name stuff and stuff you cant buy. I wish to buy fastest gen4 the cpu supports at 1Tb and 2Tb. I did see 1 gen4 1Tb but it has a crazy large added heat sink- maybe it can be taken off or not use the mobo heat sink I am not sure? I guess it has to come off or might not fit under the vid card- I'm not sure how it made the list or maybe the list is not real at all.

Its almost like Asus does not want to sell or care at all. I bought a GIGABYTE G5 MD Laptop over the holidays with 11400- 3050Ti- gen4 512Gb nvme- and extra memory, and nvme and it came with W11 installed. The memory and nvme upgrade was easy, easy on list- easy to find and reviewers also made note of such, the price was good to. "Crucial P5 Plus 1TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 Gaming SSD- CT1000P5PSSD8" - " Crucial RAM 16GB Kit (2x8) DDR4 3200MHz CL22 Laptop Memory CT2K8G4SFRA32A". I am not sure why its like pulling teeth here at Asus.

Maybe it's some experts here for the Z590 ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E that can help me out. I am disabled and poor, so I will Frankenstein some from both my old 6700k and laptop to build a newer system. Sometime later after 5000 Nv vid cards and maybe W12 I will upgrade again. My 6700k is a bit old now.


Hello ezeht

We can save you some money,

1) You can download windows 11 free from the microsoft website, install it and activate it with your microsoft account, it will link to your microsoft windows 10 account. The ROG Strix Z590-E supports windows 11 with a bios update. You can use the bios flashback feature to update the bios.

2) Don't pay for an ssd heatsink when you can use the motherboard's. If I could recommend an ssd it would be the Seagate Firecuda 530 1TB, it has a 5-year warranty and one of the highest endurance ratings, meaning it will last longer than the other ssd's.

Any other questions?

Level 7
Thanks Nate. You helped me with my Hero VIII 6700K build.

Yah, that big heatsink drive was 1 of only 2 gen4 on the qvl list. I think the other also had an extra-large heatsink is why I am like why is it on the list. I normally do not update bios or drivers unless its really needed and here a bios for W11 is. I did update the bios on my Giga lappy but that was easy from in windows. I got the lappy on sale at BestB for $545.00 and added memory and a type-C encloser nvme for Steam and a 1080p 165hz ISP Gsync compatible 24'' monitor. but I do not wish to ware it out being a desktop replacement. I more got it for backup and had to move around for apartment renovations and learn W11 a bit. if it had a better vid card it might do well as dtop replacement. So I am here.

It kind of seems like when next gen comes, all these companies drop support for the last tho they are still selling and in warranty. If not for the community or nice Mods like yourself we are phubbed up. I read more and more it's best to buy from the qvl list or compatibility problems and then the next bios might break it all, which might be the point for some, and hope you buy the next new stuff out. I normally skip Gigabyte because they have no forum anymore. Am looking at this z590 because of less heat and power use and this Strix compared to other 590 uses less power draw in benches. Looks like a sweet board with its sound and wifi 6E. It only lacks PCIE5 and DDR5- and E-cores. I read W11 might end of life soon- 2 years maybe and MS will force you to buy all new for W12 and its next DX is why I am not trying to buy 13th gen. or break the bank. NV 4000 is high cost and funny power connectors might catch fire, ddr5 is said high cost.

I will have to buy other things to complete a system but for less than $350 for the mobo and cpu is pretty good imo and surely is an upgrade over my Hero VIII system. The Tuf Z590 plus wifi is $120.00 new, but I think the Strix is a better board for 30 more. LOL I can game on 🙂 I think I will stay 2K for a while, my 3060Ti will not so much push 4K but its cost is good now and is about the same as my 1080. I need not buy anything extra to run it in my Hero system. I think my 1080 is going south on me, at idle the fans ramp up and go crazy and go back down, so I have the 3060 tomorrow.

No one uses disk drives anymore so the support disk is out. If you have a little time and not mind. If you was poor and buying this mobo and cpu combo today how would you go about the set up install process. maybe a 1-2-3-4 step process. You say- link W11 to my W10 account, I guess you do not mean my old Hero board and saying I should buy W10 and set up the board and then do the MS free update to W11. that Seagate nvme drive looks nice I think id like both a 1TB and 2Tb the os on the 2Tb and 1Tb for storage. Best I read the board has 2x gen4 slots. I could go just 2Tb for the os and other sata ssd' for storage but will be lost drive speed on the table. Memory looks like a better selection on the qvl list versus the drives. I kind of wish to buy all new and keep my Hero system as back up or pass it down or something.

Do I read right. does this have a fan under the heatsink for VRM'? If so I am not sure I like that. The small fans are noisy and might not last very well. That might be a reason for me to skip this board and maybe go the Tuf if it has no fan.

Other nice folks with this mobo can jump in and help if wish. Being disabled, gaming is all I care about or much do. Thanks to you all very much.

If you could sacrifice an ssd, you could probably jump up a generation newer. You can get the 12700k for 280.00 and a decent z690 motherboard to go with it. At a glance I see the ASUS Tuf Z690 D5 for around 200.00 new.

You could go ddr5, I'm using this same kit, 16GB (2x8GB) Kingston Fury Beast 6000MT/s and is enough for gaming. Link -

For z690, 12700k and ddr5 6000MHz memory, we're looking at about 589.99.

How does this spark you and your budget?

To set up and install windows...

I downloaded windows 11 from the microsoft website onto a clean 16GB usb flash drive, then once windows is installed, it will ask you to log in with your microsoft account. Whatever account you used with your Hero VIII is the same one you'd use.

Level 7
Nate, I was thinking the same thing being the Z690 was built for W11, I will not have to jump through hoops.

I see the DDR5 is not bad price and was looking at 16Gb kits 2x8. I see no D5 listing for the Tuf z690 plus wifi board. I do see them with pcie5 and ddr5 for like $250.00. I am not sure where you seen those parts and prices. I see no place with 12700k for 200. I never ebay, Iam afraid of them and I have no MicroCenter near me less than 170 miles away in another state, and they sadly do not ship most stuff or I would buy from them long ago. As a fact MC has a

Intel Core i7-12700K, ASUS Z690-PLUS TUF Gaming WiFi DDR5, CPU / Motherboard Combo for $347.98 right now.

Intel Core i9-12900K, ASUS Z690-PLUS TUF Gaming WiFi DDR5, CPU / Motherboard Combo for $452.98. Most of the combos are Asus Prime boards and cost even less.

I would take a drive but is over 300 miles round trip- if not work have to take it back- heck id spend like 200 dollars in gas 1 trip in my old 2002 dodge caravan. 170 miles 1way and 2.5 hours. I have cash money. I wish I knew someone that lived near a MC Id send them money and get them to get it and send to me. It would be lots of effort tho. A dang shame MC hates shipping- it hurts their sales for sure. If MC was near, I could get z590 12700k memory and NVme for less than $600. Can get a 2Tb nvme gen4 @ 6600 speed like the 1 in my first post for $160, and 16Gb DDR5 kit for like $80.00. I would be set. Use my core v71 case and evga 750watt psu 3060Ti and my 2k monitor. MC has an Inland store on Amazon and have only the DDR4 combo for 200 bucks more than D5 combo at walk-in store- what a rip. that alone makes me not wish to buy from them- have 25 stores and suck ship policies. It all piss me off- I will just run my Hero into the ground. Sad 😞

I don't mean to steer you away from the Strix or Tuf motherboards but the ASUS Prime Z690-P WiFi looks pretty good, it supports pcie 5.0 and ddr5 memory. It would pair nice with the 12700k. Since you have an RTX 3060, you could get the 12700KF, it's a little cheaper as it has no onboard graphics.

ASUS Prime Z690-P WiFi -

12700KF -

Level 7
Thanks. All the mobos come with vid out so might as well get an k type cpu. A vid card can always go down and onboard is a backup.

I have been in my chair looking at and reading on mobos etc all day/night. Neither the 690 tuf or prime say exactly what audio chip they use, like hiding something- just says 7.1 surround and the tuf has no usb 2 on the back- I might be able to use others for my keyboard and mouse or buy run an extension to rear, but I would hate to have to use the 2 on top front of my case for that and wires in my face. and both boards have only 1amp fan headers which is fine I guess. MC piss me off. I need a break. Think I will run my Hero into the ground and wait as long as can, by then all of this will be real low cost. I can survive unless my Hero system fails. I'm tempted to take a 350 mile round trip but my luck something will not work right and have to go back. I could buy some good smoke while in Illinois tho lol 🙂 Nah its not worth it. I will wait.

The 6700k is still a good gaming cpu, most could overclock to 4.6GHz with 1.35v. Do you overclock yours?

Nothing wrong with holding off, 1080p performance will be excellent with your RTX 3060.

Keep an eye out for Lunar lake supposedly sometime in 2024, this could be the one to wait for.

Level 7
Yah I hope for better and lower power draw stuff. I am flat out afraid of 4000 nv cards. I save my money and can buy build anything I want. but most games are bug junk and most these hardware companies cannot care less if their stuff works or not- windows is junk. I am saving for a car- my van hates the cold and not great on gas either. Plus the renovations here on my apartment and buying a few new things for it. I have no place to go or no family I am close with and then they are half a country away, no friends and not a drunk or drug addict. no gf no dog, so I save my money.

I never oc it. I run 1440p on my 6700k Hero dtop. My lappy is 1080p. Iam afraid of it and never installed any of the asus monitoring/oc software- read its bug or next bios or windows update breaks it and or like everything else if a year old its not supported anymore. I dont know how to oc and more need it to last is part why I buy this extra gamer stuff- thinking if learn I can but if not its built stronger than normal stuff and I game and run it hard for a lot of times 15- 17 hours a day.

Back in the day my amd stuff was easy for a lil oc- been so long I cant remember how it was done but was common knowledge and easy to do. I read most of the auto oc stuff can run the voltages to high- read some will use that to find a base and then do it manually. a good guide etc. I can follow and do it- other than that I will not risk my money and the only thing I care about- my pet my friend only friend my pc. In windows I could set to run full blast 24/7- is it [power state]? but if not gaming its a waste of power draw. yah I would like to oc it but I am not so smart. I max settings in all of my games and my 1440 monitor is Gsync. I dont care if 60 or a million fps- if recording I just need it to run smooth and normally, I record @ 30fps.

Maybe if I was more into mp and competition I might care about higher fps but most mp people suck or hack and cheat so I dont bother other than a few friends we might coop like maybe killing floor2 or something or a gf we might 2player coop and chat while playing. new to pc back 2004 and built my first I played ut04 a lot but got sick of the hack cheats and then seen it in most all same type games and just dont play them anymore. I mostly play sp and arpg type games. I sit so long my legs swell and lately afraid of my desktop so waiting on my vid card and bought this lappy.

I did buy like 10 games over the holidays- not played them tho- just let them run to collect cards for badges. They are games I will play- I now only buy games I will play versus bundles- just gets like that sometimes- dont feel like it and just surf the net or watch true crime stuff on tv- like serial killers or war history or tech and flight maybe space or ufo type stuff versus the hate America or fake and freak stuff. I refund a few because they would not work- aaa games crash if change res or to full screen "the Division" I tried for 20 mins to fix it but nothing on the net is a sure fix so got my money back- and "Detroit become human" kept crashing a bad port and need a controller would not work and "Remoteness" was ugly herky jerky and looks like a dx9 1999 game. the Division 2 is less than 10 dollars now and read its bug junk so I pass. Its a few on my wish list but not the right price yet and some are not out yet. I will survive tho.

With the games I have I can play the rest of my life if I have a pc to do so. I have like 40 aaa I plan to play- I have over 1500 total on just Steam- some and same games on other sites and lost like 600 aaa disc games in a fire. Steam is my main site and mostly because such sites are forced and cant buy disc games anymore or for pc. My lappy is a said gaming type but I hate to hear the lil fans running crazy- so I lower settings a lil- still looks nice. the 1080 isp monitor is 165hz and 1ms. its lower res than my dtop but I swear the image is a lil crisper and color looks better. my next panel will be isp 4k, I hope 1ms but might be 60hz- most vid cards cant do much better anyway, so Gsync to the rescue. 🙂