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Rog strix z590-e gaming wifi 40 mm fan vrm

Level 7

I would like to know how the 40mm fan for the VRM works.
From a certain temperature? Because for the moment it doesn't run.
Any changes to be made in the BIOS? If yes, where please?

It is well connected to its port (VRM Heatsink fan header).

Thank you in advance, cordially.

Level 7
To verify VRM fan is installed OK, you can go to BIOS (Q-FAN control) and configure the VRM FAN to be allways on.
For more info on Fan control on BIOS, read or download the BIOS manual of you mother

Level 7

What fan did you get? How did you mount it? I have been looking for a fan for this. I found the Zenith Cooling Kit for Threadripper. But idk if that will work for  a Z590 board.

Level 10

@JagRBomZ1833 The Z590-E (specified in this topics title) comes with the 40mm VRM fan and mounting bracket.

Yes I have seen that the E comes with it. But is there anyway to purchase this for the A model? Would the mounting bracket from the Zenith Cooling kit work? Or will I just have to find away to work with it. I contacted Asus yesterday. He had to move my issue upwards to find a compatible cause he couldn't find one made specifically for model A