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Rog strix z490-i gaming new bios

Level 7
Has anyone tried the new bios of ROG STRIX Z490-I GAMING?
I did and upgrade to this new one and my pc kept restarting without stopping
until i did Bios flash back
Any help

That version of the ME firmware from 2021 was flawed and prior releases contain security concerns.  The latest ME resolves this issue.  The ME firmware listed on the ASUS support page is not useful, not sure why it's even there.  ME [13/02/2023] works.  Install that inside a healthy version of Windows, shutdown, remove power.  Boot into BIOS, update the BIOS to the latest, reboot, restore any needed settings or re-do OC and fan profiles and all will be well.   The ME itself is purely an Intel thing, a micro Linux OS embedded in the CPU firmware that does mysterious essential things.

Question: Have you done what you suggested in your post on your Z490-I gaming motherboard? That is, updated to the [13/02/2023] firmware and then updated to the 2701 BIOS? Please let us know if you have and if you did not encounter the boot loop problem. Thank you.

Good day Sir what is your intel me version in your asus z490i motherboard? i cant see the latest intel me for z490i


The installed version of ME is listed in device management.  Check the Firmware tab in the properties of "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface #1" under system devices in device manager.