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ROG Strix Z490-i Gaming 3-second Power Cycling

Level 7

About a month ago, in preparation for updating the BIOS to the most recent (2801) version, I first updated the Intel ME (as directed by Asus).  Unfortunately, I was never able to update the BIOS (until today, which I'll get to), because, when the computer rebooted, it started "power cycling" every three seconds - on for 3 seconds, off for 3 seconds, on for 3 seconds, off for 3 seconds, back & forth.  Since there's no POST info, I have no clue whether, or not, the computer was actually POSTing.  As work became quite busy, I wasn't able to get back to it until today.

I don't know if this will make any difference, but, my drive configuration is this:  two Samsung 980 EVO M.2 drives (in RAID 0) as the 'boot' (ie. C:) drive, two Samsung 870 SSDs (in RAID 0) as the 'data' (ie. D:) drive, and a standard drive as the 'backup' (ie. E:) drive.  Beyond that, everything else is fairly standard - two 16GB DDR4 DIMMS, Intel 10700K CPU, ASUS TUF 3070.

Today, I was able to update the BIOS to 2801...but, the "power cycling" has continued.  The only way to stop the power cycling is to unplug the computer, clear the CMOS, and then boot into the BIOS.  However, if ANY changes are made beyond 'Default', the moment the computer restarts (after saving the BIOS), the power cycling begins again.  So far, the ONLY way I've been able to get into Windows is to clear the CMOS, boot into the BIOS, change the BIOS to EZ-Mode, and then boot into Windows via the Boot Menu (ie. boot bypass).  If I change anything in the BIOS...anything other than 'Default' (ie. from EZ-Mode, press F5)...upon saving & exiting (ie. pressing F10), then the power cycling begins.

Anyone else having this problem?  Anyone had this problem, and resolved it...and, if so, how did you permanently fix it?


Super Moderator

Hi @Panther6834

How many times does the system power cycle? Does it POST eventually?

Depending on the UEFI configuration and which motherboard, certain controllers may need a power cycle before completing POST. Perhaps take a video and upload it.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

The motherboard is already stated.  As for "how many times", it never stops.  I've used this computer, without any problems, for almost 3 years (ie. since I built it).  It wasn't until, almost a month ago, when I installed the most recent Intel ME, in preparation for installing the 2801 BIOS, that this started.

Level 7

Have an update...although, unfortunately, be it really doesn't amount to much.  I was able to get the computer to nope into Windows...but, only after resetting the CMOS, and clicking on the C: drive within the boot manager within EZ-Mode, and not changing ANY BIOS settings (all of which I previously described).  After booting into Windows, I was able to do a fill system backup (which hasn't been done since before this problem started 26-27 days ago), as well as run Windows Update...however, this is where the "3-second power cycling" started all over again.  I'm assuming that the computer successfully completed the past of the update install process that takes place during 'shutdown'...but, as for the install process that takes place during the 'boot' prices, that didn't even start, because, as soon as the computer 'rebooted', the previously-mentioned "3-second power cycling" started all over again.  While I will continue to purchase Asus graphics cards, I'm having an increasing farming that this mobo will be my last from Asus.  Considering this problem has been reported in other forums, I can only assume that Asus is aware of the problem (which, again, I am fairly certain was caused by the latest Intel ME), yet they continue to refuse to not only accept any responsibility, but they also refuse to do anything to help people experiencing this problem.

I am going to see if it's possible to find another Mini-ITX LGA1200 mobo (new, not used) from another manufacturer, so that I don't have to purchase other components.  If that doesn't pan out, them I guess I'll have no choice but to purchase a new mobo, CPU, and DDR5 RAM (since the newer mobos don't use DDR4).  It's a serious shame that Asus had fallen so much.  Not only were their products among the best available, but so was there customer service & tech support.  Now, they're "tech support" is nothing but a bunch of people, in some other country, who have little-to-no actual 'tech' knowledge, and are doing nothing more than reading 'scripts' from their computer screens.

Level 9

Hi Panther,

I made a post about this issue back in December.

It's had over 2000 views yet 3 months later the mods are support have done nothing.

It’s a total farce!!! There’s obviously a problem but Asus are clearly doing nothing about it and couldn’t care less.

I’m never buying anything Asus again and I’ve been buying ASUs boards since the P6T deluxe back in the day.

apparently the mods think it’s user error even though I’ve probably been building pcs longer than they have been alive…….


I know what you mean.  I've been building computers since the 90s, and like you, Asus has been one of my primary go-tos.  I'll continue using Asus cases & GPUs...but, no more Asus mobos.  Moving forward, it'll probably be just MSI & EVGA.

Best I can tell, it's the most recent Intel ME that 'broke' the mobo, and it's near-impossible to back-flash to an older ME.  And, it's partly because of that that I'm building a new computer (using MSI mobo, and new 14th-Gen CPU).  As for the old desktop, I'll be picking up a refurbished MSI Z590i Mobo, installing, and then selling that system (to help recuperate some of the cost for the new system). 

Level 7

New firmware Intel ME v14.1.72.2287 has appeared on station drivers. Check if the problem is fixed?

Can't speak for others, but too late for me.  When it comes to mobos, like many others, I am done with Asus.  I have already purchased/installed an MSI mobo (mATX, along with a new case...partly because of the new mobo's form factor, and partly because I'm tired of 'dealing' with the NZXT H1 case (actually, I'm done with NZXT cases, period)).  For now, I'll continue using the Asus TUF GPU...but, I will be re-evaluating whether, or not, I will continue to use Asus components in future builds (for myself, as well as those I build computers for).

I meant to include the following in my previous post: 

The one exception would be Asus cases.  That is the one, and only, 'component' I can say I'll continue to use from Asus.