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ROG ASUS Z490-I Strix has issues!

Level 7
System only stable with one DIMM installed, doesn't matter which RAM stick I use and doesn't matter which slot I use.
System unstable at XMP speeds, no matter how much I try to play with the BIOS settings. Have tried replacing RAM and PSU.

10700k, win10 64 bit, corsair RM 850x

A bunch of other people have experienced the same issue, and the only fix is to buy a different brand motherboard:

Hoping I can get attention from someone from ASUS here! Asus support has been very unhelpful!
Help please!
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Level 8
There's something new.
I've tested the last firmware 2403 pretending to :
1. improve system performance and compatibility
2. improve system stability
3. improve DRAM compatibility
Well, just after updated it : I was unable to boot and I got a yellow/orange light on the motherboard : this error led code means there is a problem with RAM. Then my computer endlessly boots, and shuts down. It's a bootloop and I was stucked !
Panic time ! Because I wonder how will I do to solve this ? With this boot loop I don't even get the POST message... nothing.
I tried to put another couple de RAM from another computer, same thing...
I remembered the USB FLASHBACK on the mobo panel ! I've downloaded the previous safe version of the firmware 2201 ans installed it on the appropriate USB FLBK port. Then I kept the button pressed for 3 seconds (as described on the manual) and that way the flash process began. I was able to roll back to my previous firmware.
Conclusion : this firmware, instead of "improving" compatibility, is just DECREASING it !
Well, not really surprised from ASUS... as they release every time unfinished mobos with a lot of problems.
My next mobo will sure not be an Asus one... No more...
I wanted to share my experience here, maybe it will be beneficial to some in the same situation as me...

Level 7
Man, I really wish I'd found this thread before I got this board for a friend's comet lake build. Trying to run 2x32GB sticks on it is impossible, even at stock settings (2133Mhz). XMP obviously doesn't work. Its the two sticks that cause problems for this board, based on my testing. Its honestly sad that Asus hasn't dealt with this more professionally, since it is apparently a widespread issue.

How long of a turnaround time should I expect if I were to send the board in for RMA?

Level 7

I to have the same issue I am Running G.Skill TridentZ RGB 2x 32g 3600 Sticks but can only use one and the same as you 1 stick either slot but not 2 have tried a set of Dominator 16g 2x 8g 3200 and a set of vengeance standard stuff 16g kit of 2x 8g and the usage problem is the same across the board I have latest BIOS flash as well PLEASE ASUS I KNOW THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO The ITX gaming community needs a win on this one 🙂 

Level 10

i know how you guys feel , same dilema with some z490 with the l225-V network intel no only affect asus all brand use this nic




they release an intel 1225-v (3) revision 3 or kind of firmware update , well resumen when i buy my ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA z490 and i9 10900k i buy very late when intel gen 11 already release and i get revision 3 , however my motherboard have two internet connection plus wifi the other Marvel 10Gbps NIC , but i dont have to use the marvel because my intel l225-v never has problem , my motherboard price tag is 500 bucks so should be primium products with almost no headache

Level 9

I have this exact same issue. The amount of tine I have spent trying to fix this issue. I play a film in pot player with madVR installed, instant blue screen, play a game......freeze/blue screen or crash to desktop. 

I have tried every bios and have been building PC's since the 90's so I know what I am doing. One of my RAM sticks has now stopped working, not sure if it's from the motherboard but I've never had this problem before.

I booted with one RAM stick in and I can suddenly game, watch films with MADVR and perform stress test with no crashes whatsoever.

The overlooks XMP profiles and everything else works perfectly now. I was getting crashes with 4.0 ghz underclock on a 10900k and standard RAM timings! 

I want to mow what ASUS are going to do about this hardware issue to put things right.

It's a disgrace they haven't acknowledged these issues and have left customers out in the dark.

I'll never buy another Asus component again. I thought they were the best but obviously that is far from the truth.

They should be sending out replacement motherboards for free to every one affected.

Absolute disgrace!

Level 7

My ROG Z490-i have a problem with cold boot.

It restarts 3 times before turning on... I've already cleared the cmos, changed the BIOS (9902,23xx,22xx,2701)
I reinstalled the firmware ME 2228 v4, 1649..

When turned on, it resets all motherboard settings, except the clock, which remains at the correct time.

Nothing solves it... I'm already freaking out! Is this a problem with the board?

Level 9

I’ve got my motherboard working with 32gb (2x16gb) of RAM now. I had to buy some off the ASUS QVL recommended.

Ive never had to do this before and I’ve been building PC’s since the 90’s.

I bought Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 3600MHZ.

Hope this helps……

I just have a problem with I can’t update my bios to anything above 2201 without a reboot loop, clicks off after 5-8 seconds then repeats forever….,..

all was good with the latest 2801 bios until I installed the latest Intel ME driver……

I’m sure this motherboard is cursed!!!!!