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Random reboots, need help

Level 7
Hey guys, I have a Maximus Xii extreme with a i9 10900kf processor. I am having random reboots with no dump files or error screens. Ive tried a fresh install of windows 10 pro but still have issues. I turned MCE off but that didnt help. Im not an overclocker so I cant get into too much depth there. I have the latest bios and drivers that i know of. I have a HWinfo log but not sure how to upload it. It will do it when im on the desktop or gaming, seems random as far as workload.

Level 11
I was hoping someone that knew something about this would reply but these forums aren't very busy.

You might put the following command in a run box and check the graph produced. Maybe it would indicate an ongoing situation which might be leading to the crashes..

perfmon /rel

Have you tried doing any Bios Updates?

I have never run that many M.2 drives on a system, so that is sort of an unknown as to how they interact.
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