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"The computer case is open" - BIOS 1903

Level 7

The issue is with the Maximus Extreme XIII.

When I fully power off my computer (cutting all electricity) and then turn it back on, the BIOS requires me to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to proceed because it thinks the computer case is open. Please see the attached screenshot.


This motherboard, Asus Maximus Extreme XIII, has no chassis case jumper, and the BIOS does not contain an option to toggle any such setting.

This issue has been plaguing me ever since I updated my BIOS. I may have been on 1401 when I did not face this issue. I updated it to 1801, which is when I got this issue. Today, I updated it to 1903, thinking the problem would resolve itself, but it did not.

Of course, I have performed the usual rituals: clear CMOs with the jumper, clear CMOs by pulling the battery, using stock UEFI settings, etc.

Searching around, I found some mentions of others having the same issue—however, the workarounds I see do not work. The longest-running thread on this issue was locked, so I am forced to start a new thread. That thread claims to have the solution, but that "solution" does not work.

Any thoughts, or is anyone else having this issue?