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Problem: ME Updatetool: Please check mei driver is installed - Solution

Level 7


i ran into the problem that, whatever i did, i wasnt able to update my ME-Firmware.

I got an Message: Warning! Please check mei driver is installed

The thing is, my MEI Driver is installed and up-to-date... but it didnt work!

The solution was very easy:

Diclaimer: Do it on your own risk!

AND DONT FORGET: If you use Bitlocker or something like that, there may be some attitional Steps to not loose your data!

1. Download the ME Update tool and unpack it.

2. run cmd as admin

3. navigate to the upbacked file MEUpdateTool_15.0.47.2473_T\FW\

4. in the FW-Directory, run FWUpdLcl64.exe -f ME.bin

5. enjoy...

You can check the ME-FW in the Bios on the first page.

In my case the update works without problems, even if i had first updated the bios and then the ME-FW...:-)