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Please help (error 99)

Level 7

Ok, so I have the weirdest problem with my PC:

1 week ago, I started having some crashes playing games (CoD Warzone specifically), Pc just shut down without any warning, or BSOD.
I read on the internet that it could’ve been a BIOS problem, so I updated my bios. After that, I was able to get into windows, and I could even play CoD normally for a while, but after a couple hours, I started having game crashes, and even PC shut downs.

I tried not to make a big deal about it, and kept playing like that for a while, but days later, I started having some Qcodes on my MoBo whenever I turned my PC on.
Normally, I get error d7, which solves itself whenever I connect my keyboard and mouse, but if I do that, I get Qcode 99. I searched thoroughly and fin out that error 99 means something is not properly connected or installed, so I started disassembling components on my pc to the point where it only had keyboard, mouse, a CPU stock fan, and 1 stick of ram on the furthest slot from CPU, but I still got the error 99, and couldn’t get to the bios.
The thing is: it randomly lets me get into the bios (normally when I let it rest for a couple of hours), so I tried adding parts again (SSD invluded), and it even sometimes boots into windows, but as soon as I start adding more components, it throws error 99 again, and even if I disconnect components, it keeps throwing error 99, even if it’s only left with basic stuff (keyboard, mouse, a CPU stock fan, and 1 stick of ram).

I’ve tried downgrading bios, but it won’t let me go lower than the one before the last one.

Things I’ve tried: -reseting Cmos, downgrading bios, flashing bios with older versions (without success) and newer versions, changing mobo’s bios to default settings, using another monitor, using different hdmi and DP cables, using other keyboard and mouse.

Another thing I should mention that could be important, is that my 11th pin of the 24 pin cable (MoBo’s manual says it is 12V) is kind of melted.

Right now, I’m writing this post from my PC (it let me go into windows) but I’m afraid to turn it off, because I know it will go to Qcode 99 again, and I don’t know when will it let me get to windows again.

I really hope someone can help me with this; I’m willing to try anything.

I’ve had this setup for about 2 years, and if it wasn’t for the 11th pin burned, you would think it’s brand new (I’ve taken a lot of care of my PC, and I clean it constantly for dust)

-Asus Rog strix z590e gaming wifi
-intel i9 10850k

-corsair vengeance pro (4x16)
-WD black SN850 1tb (x2)
-zotac 3070 OC twin dual
-Corsair H115i Elite Capellix
-Corsair RM850x PSU