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PCI_E controller card Asus Maximus XII board - Please Help

Level 7
I'm not sure where I need to post this but this is the problem I face.

Basically I have used all my SATA ports on my motherboard which is an ASUS maximus hero XII (wifi). I also already had two NVme's installed and purchased a 3rd not knowing that it would disable one of the SATA ports, which I later discovered in the user manual so I gave that away to a friend of mine.

The problem now is however that I need to add one more SSD to my machine for video editing purposes and I found this on amazon

A two port expansion PCI_E card.

I was also full of hope until I read this in the XII's user manual - it states the following ** The PCIEX16_3 shares bandwidth with M2.2. The PCIEX16_3 will be disabled when M.2_2 runs x4 mode

Does that mean that the PCI E SATA controller won't work ? I have no idea what that means but it scares me now...

Such a shame as I desperately need to add another drive and I already have both Nvme populated and as I said I tried the 3rd slot and it stopped my CCTV drive 😞

Let me know please

Level 12
If you want to try a PCIe 1 card, do you not have access to those slots and if you do, have you checked what they will restrict?

Have you considered getting an external device, like a NAS or even an external drive or drive caddy? Probably would be USB device of some kind or if you have Thunderbolt, maybe that.
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Level 7
All PCI & PCIe slots are free the only slot in use that I have used to plug into the top slots on my MB is my graphics card.

I'm worried about what the manual said ** The PCIEX16_3 shares bandwidth with M2.2. The PCIEX16_3 will be disabled when M.2_2 runs x4 mode - what is x4 mode anyway ?

Does that mean if I plug in the PCI E express SATA controller that I get from Amazon which gives me another two ports it won't work ? It'll be disabled.

I have two NvMe populated > as I said, I bought a 3rd it disabled a SATA port on the MB so I gave the NVme away.

The SSD I'm looking to get is for video recording which ideally has to be plugged into the PC direct and not via a USB or Thunderbolt, although I don't know the speed of the latter ..

I can't even record footage to an internal WD Black HDD as the footage stutters and what is that SATA3 6Gbps ? I have to use SSD hence why I wanted a designated drive solely for this task.

So before I order anything I wanted to check on here. Someone must know what's what and whether the PCIe will work or not based on the information I provided.

Please help as I don't want to start placing orders if things aren't going to work as it'll just be a complete waste of time

Level 7
Lame .. no one helped out so I just re-organised what I could with what i've got... peace