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Onboard soundcard enhancements

Level 11
I just build a new pc Using Hero Xiii mobo.
And i installed win 10 with all the drivers incl sound drivers from asus driver support site.

When i look under sound device in win 10 and go to speakers then i dont see any enhancements tool bar at all.
There use to be a option for sound to be equalized so all sound i play had the same level of volume.

Listening to music on youtube and watching a serie or movie or playing any other sound apps seems to have different volumes.
Also the headset front port in my case seems to be very loud.

How do i i fix this problem ?
I miss the equalizer enhancement my old pc had.

Did they remove that feature in realteks latest onbord soundcards ?

Level 12
I am not an expert on this but you should have a Realtek Audio Control. Open that and select your speakers and set them up.

Then click on the Sonic studio app and look at the Basic or Advanced mode. If you have your speakers selected, there should be an equalizer box which gives you options. If you select Custom, it will open an equalizer option you can use.

Make sure the Sonic Studio Effects are on in the lower panel..
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

Level 13
The sonic studio effects has a smart volume checkbox supposed to do this. I have never used it.

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Level 11
Aah studio ftw..gona go Hans zimmer mode now 😄